The city of Masks

Window shopping in Venice adds a dimension of drama as little boutiques showcase elaborate costumes, mysterious masks, antiques and grand jewellery. Maybe it is the beautiful surrounding with the crisscross of canals, the noise of boats driving by as the moody little stores and cafes create a certain whimsical atmosphere you fall into. When you are on this island, do not be distracted by the crowds, see places early during the day and feel the history of the walls that date back to the V century C.E. It was 810 C.E when the political power moved to Rialto, then known as Rivo Alto. Venice was the known seaport in late medieval Europe and the continent’s ceconomical and cultural link to Asia. Masks are a part of Venetian tradition marking freedom and transgression levelling social categories.  The masks have been used since the Middle Ages and now typically worn during the carnival of Venice. You find many beautiful mask boutiques in Venice that are a feast to the eyes. You will often see masks with long noses and this was because hundreds of years ago, Venice was stuck by plagues and doctors wore masks with long noses as a sanitary precaution. We crossed bridges (not the easiest with a travel stroller that my husband carried over each bridge) and stopped at little standing cafes for espresso and bruschetta to nibble on. I often nibbled on a local fish (baccala) bread that was lovely and salty. We walked to different neighbourhoods and piazzas and took in the beauty of the city. We enjoyed cosy lunches in a few places on several days and explored the surroundings in the warm September air.

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Bacari in Venice the local way

Beyond the Grand Canal 



The image on the left is from an amazing antique store that I remember from the last time I visited. I was obsessed with the Christmas balls from the 1700 but they were SO pricey ( in the thousands) so I thought it was absolutely not wise to purchase them.

There was a few cute vegetable and fish sellers in one of the squares.



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