Seasonal Poetry

A visual sanctuary made with a touch of nordic zest, dreamy travels and an ideology of finding joy in the ordinary, this au naturel site is your route to find beauty & inspiration in the changing seasons.


  • Spring foraging- Dandelion Marmelade

    Spring foraging- Dandelion Marmelade

      Spring Foraging I wanted to try something new this Spring and take advantage of nature’s good by foraging eatable produce other than berries and mushrooms that I’m already familiar with. As a starter, the easiest flower to forage is a dandelion. Everybody recognises these signature sunny flowers that is a perennial herb with a…

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  • Spring Blossom

    Spring Blossom

    It has been a while since I have written anything here and truth be told, I have had a really hard time as I lost my father, whom I loved so very much. My father gave me a future and he did everything for his family and I was always his little girl. It has…

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  • January Winter Wonderland

    January Winter Wonderland

      The first few days of January         

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  • Christmas Time

    Christmas Time

    Welcome to the New Year everyone, Hopefully everyone had a peaceful and relaxing Christmas filled with delicious food and time with your loved ones. Our entire family managed to get sick after the holidays and New Year’s Eve was spent in bed with a fever. However, our Christmas was lovely and wanted to share some…

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  • Christmas Fig Toast

    Christmas Fig Toast

      Figs are a Christmas essential in our household, the sweet jewels are great for savoury or sweet dishes making everything really festive. A simple cream cheese toast with orange marmalade and figs on top is a luxurious morning or evening treat that takes seconds to make. I also add a fresh herb on top…

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  • Only 4 Sleeps until Christmas

    Only 4 Sleeps until Christmas

    Feeling cosy inside as the outside is covered with snow. Our tree still gives a fresh pine smell into the house and I’m feeling inspired my deep and rich colours the closer we get to Christmas. I have no idea how I will set the table for Christmas Day, but I’m thinking a tables cape…

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