Seasonal Poetry

A visual sanctuary made with a touch of nordic zest, dreamy travels and an ideology of finding joy in the ordinary, this au naturel site is your route to find beauty & inspiration in the changing seasons.


  • Mini Gingerbread cakes for Christmas

    Mini Gingerbread cakes for Christmas

    Christmas cakes (makes 4 or 5 servings) 1 tub (200g) cream cheese 1 d sugar 1 tub (200g) gingerbread flavoured quark (if you don’t have this available in your country, whipped cream works too.) 3 gelatin leaves 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 vanilla pod black currants, frosting sugar and thyme twig for garnishing oil for…

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  • cosy morning & gift wrapping

    cosy morning & gift wrapping

    It was snowing all day yesterday, so we spent a cosy day indoors. Hubby was away for one night, so Lucas, Siena and I spent our day inside. We started the day snuggling in bed, even Siena slept in late. I could barely push the baby pram forward during my morning dog walk as the…

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  • Christmas Market & Gingerbread Cookies

    Christmas Market & Gingerbread Cookies

    cosy morning with the family Now that our family is slowly recovering from the flue, we took a morning stroll to the Christmas market. I love the smell of roasted chestnuts, we walked around exploring the stalls and enjoying the crispy cold winter weather. Back home we decided to bake our first gingerbread cookies together…

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  • Homemade Winter tea

    Homemade Winter tea

    A cosy hearty cup of homemade berry tea is a wonderful comforting treat to sip on under the blanket while watching Christmas movies. I love the flavour of black currant, mixed with some citrus and sweetness from the honey creates a lovely winter blend. To make this tea, add all the ingredients in a pot…

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  • Winter Apple cocktail

    Winter Apple cocktail

    This winter cocktail is something that came to me while I was making some homemade apple juice glögi (mulled wine we drink in nordic countries). I love the flavour of spiced apple juice where it infuses depth from cloves, cinnamon and ginger and though it would make a great cocktail once chilled. The drink looks…

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  • December First

    December First

    I cannot believe December is here already. We currently have some snow on the ground and our tree is sparkling in the living room. We had our traditional day picking our tree from the organic farm and our little one was loving sitting on the snowy ground. This year the tree is dressed in green…

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