‘The nordic way’ “A lover of whitewashed driftwood, green juices and flirty kaftans”

A visual sanctuary where fashion and beauty meets cooking, designing, and much more, xoamys.com is your escape to all things good with a hint of effortless chicness. Made with a touch of nordic zest, dreamy travels and an ideology of self-improvement, this au naturel site is your route to healthy living and finding joy in the ordinary. It is the small things in life (and a great bouquet of peonies) that create something extraordinary.

With a twinkle in my eye, I have a love for white silk blouses and the smell of lavender and lemons. I am Hanna Kristiina Amy, born and raised in Finland. Xo amy’s combines the beauty of Scandinavian simplicity by exploring little delicious things in life that inspire me. May this be fashion, interior or cooking, this lifestyle blog is a journey of moments that combine to create your own bliss.  With a blend of stylish inspirations and a balance of well-being, one outfit at a time, I hope to motive everyone to become better versions of themselves, including myself. Life is good.

This is me; a perfectionist that believes designing in white reduces everything to pure form where less in fact, is much more. I’m blessed to have a wonderful home, a loving family and great friends. I love green tea, fresh blooms, romantic lace and a fabulous Chanel bag. Even though I love a glass of dry white wine once in a while, I live a healthy lifestyle, go crazy for smoothies and love spending time in our clean nordic forests. I aim to cook with simple pure ingredients where the products speak for themselves. I love Finnish berries, avocados and dark green leaves. I live in the city but enjoy the countryside and being outdoors. I yearn to travel and have a definite soft spot for Italy. I have a relentless wanderlust for discovering new hidden destinations and sharing them with you, collecting moments that ultimately give me a new found lust for life.

I believe I have found my soul mate Mr. N that together we walk through life dreaming and making memories. Bella, my dogo argentino who is 11 years old plays a large part in my life, our lives. She is my safety net, loyal companion, a true best friend. In terms of education, I have a MA in Business Administration and worked in the fields from marketing to fashion. My true passion however builds from photography, styling and visualizing. A photo tells a story, far stronger than words. I hope this creative outlet brings a smile to your face and makes life stand still for a while. I love interacting with my readers, so please feel free to comment and give feedback.

Welcome to my lifestyle haven.

Camera: Canon EOS 5D mark iii

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A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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