Wild Flowers & PJ outfits


Wild flowers

Happiness: is it just a day or the wave of the future? Picking wild flowers in the meadows of Italy puts a smile on my face. Walking barefoot on cold limestone tiles, smelling the fresh herbs that seem to be planted in every available pot and falling into the mindset of a true countryside Italian that is to live life with intention and to appreciate it all. There is a softness to my outfit as the blooms follow the pattern of the hem, the blouse and silk shorts almost reflect a pj and the dainty bouquet is just as delicate. I love the feeling in these pictures, the sun is about to go down and my hubby and I were talking about life just enjoying a simple moment. I’ve noticed the sheer beauty of nature gives me inspiration it makes me want to be stronger, more humble, look beyond the imperfections, have no regrets and kiss slowly. Embracing positivity and a healthy lifestyle gives me a fundamental basis for being more happy. The older I get, the more I’ve learned not to compare myself to others and follow other people’s success because you as an individual create your own story. I feel we all bring something to the table in our own unique ways and there is no reason for  jealously or comparison. It can be such a tainting element to your own happiness even though it can be difficult with social media, when following fabulous insta photos on a daily basis. However, you never know what there is behind each story and therefore it is important to embrace self-worth, have self-discipline but let your creative mind run wild. I’ve noticed that having a routine is so important for me; waking up early as that is when I am most productive, sleeping well and eating the right way of course with the occasional mishaps! Sometimes the spontaneous happenings are the best ones! Having a positive outlook on life can be very inspirational and I need to practise that myself as well! Have a great weekend and let’s make happiness a longterm mindset…



Southern Italy & White Dresses

Masseria Potenti, Southern Italy

Can’t wait to put this dress on again, flash my bare legs to the sun and walk around in sandals all day long. These trumpet sleeves are everything, that also seems to be an aspiring spring trend. These pictures bring such great memories of our honeymoon, again we were watching the sunset from our terrace prior to dinner. My hair is bleached from the sunrays and the little freckles on the end of my nose are more visible and I twirl with happiness as I live in the moment. I love it how you can spot one of the chefs in the backdrop picking fresh herbs from the bushes prepping for tonight’s dinner… that’s what Italian life is all about.







Back at Furnirussi Tenuta


Furnirussi Tenuta, Southern Italy

This year we revisited Furnirussi Tenuta (read more here) on our honeymoon, a lovely luxurious masseria close to Otranto. Surrounded in a fig plantation, I was looking forward to walking around the estate and eating as many figs as possible but unfortunately we missed the harvest by a week and instead indulged in all the homemade jams. Mornings here are perfect as you open the hotel room door to a greeting of lavender bushes and breakfast begins with a foamy cappuccino and a rustic mozzarella tomato rosemary bread. It was so lovely to relax by the pool, sip on rosé and be dined by their restaurant. The food was simply amazing. I have to say that hospitality here is at its finest, I got a really high fever here one evening (40 degrees celcius) and the hotel owner arranged a doctor into our room, expense free, even though the closest hospital was 2 hours away. I ended having a throat virus that is called “angina” in Finnish and the hotel manager was kind enough to drive Mr. N to get medicine from the pharmacy. Sad that I got sick, but I was lucky to get sick here with their warmest service and most comfortable bed. I got better really quickly, thanks to strong Italian meds and I couldn’t have been more grateful to Furnirussi’s service.


Otranto Dreams

Otranto, Puglia

We fell in love with this little coastal town a few years ago and decided to return back on our honeymoon, as we drove across Italy. Last time we lived in the old town right at seafront, but this year we stayed in a nearby masseria and drove here for lunch. Otranto is small and cozy, luxurious in seafood where the water is turquoise as it sits next to the Adriatic coast. Just like many other little towns in Puglia, the streets intertwine with cute archways, numerous stairs, pastel walls, hanging pomegranate trees and little corners that are pinterest worthy.

This town also has one of the best mussle soups I have ever tasted that is made from a thick tomato reduction that I have craved for the last 2 years. Southern Italy is the epitome of slow food, old cities, captivating countrysides and intriguing baroque architecture that creates a foundation for the alluring life in Puglia. There is a real appreciation for fresh-pressed olive oil, primitivo wines, old-fashioned pasta making, seafood and local organic food. Otranto is white and soft in colour that really comes to life when the sun reflects the winding white-washed streets and is most enjoyable when you can look out to sea while digging your fingers in the freshest of seafood. This is our happy place



Sea Urchin’s & Turquoise Water

Trani, Puglia

A charismatic coastal town, Trani surrounds with turquoise clear waters that fulfills my seafood cravings in every single way. There is a beautiful aura to this chic little place, the mornings begin with fishermen selling their fresh catch at the shore front, while locals sip on their morning coffees reading the paper. Life is calm here and the people are warm and friendly. The colours of the streets are harmonious in beige with the occasional cyan door passing you buy. I couldn’t get enough of the blue fishing boats, the taste of the fresh sea urchins and numerous plates of grilled seafood and of course some fior di latte for dessert. Trani is a complete food town, that lives off great restaurants and cozy to visit for a few days. It has similar vibes to Monopoli and Otranto or Polignano al mare that are some of our favourite places on the coast line.




Blue Dresses & Italian Lunches



Masseria Potenti, Southern Italy

Lunch in southern Italy is always a treat. Farm tomatoes covered with burrata and a selection of antipasti with a chilled glass of white wine makes my heart skip a beat in this breathtaking setting. The days down south can be really hot and sitting in the shade in my metallic sandals, blue maxi and golden body chain makes the perfect attire for a special lunch.







Cappuccino and silk ♥


Southern Italy, Masseria Potenti

As I look back at our honeymoon pictures, I must admit one of my favourite moments during the day was a cappuccino break, a momentary slow down after a morning of exploring new places. It gives you time to reflect on all the goodness taken in, just to listen to the crickets in the background and rest my legs from all the walking. This surrounding was peaceful, all the light coloured textures and white curtains, gave me a sense of calmness and comfort. Yes, I know the Italians forbid a cappuccino after 10am and generally I resort to an espresso, but sometimes this frothy goodness sipped in the shade is simply heavenly. I would say a moment like this, counts as the simple joys of life… it is a feeling that comes after an accomplished day once you slow down and feel the gratitude. For many years now, this particular ivory-white silk blouse is a staple item in my wardrobe and it seems to travel with me to every destination. I love the effect of the style paired with these just as dainty lace silk shorts, the combination is soft and feminine. Southern Italy has that slow lifestyle written all over it…




Masseria Potenti, a Bohemian Dream

Masseria Potenti, Salento, Apulia

No fuss, with a perfect result… With already high expectations after reading features from Condé Nast Traveller, Marie Clarie, architectural Digest and Côté Sud Maisons, Masseria Potenti is visually on point, an all white bohemian dream.

It calls for bare feet tiptoeing through this picture perfect manner, a carefree bohemian maxi that drapes against the tiles, a panama hat to hide that salty sea hair as you breath in the Southern Italian air with the crickets in the backdrop and the lush olive groves ahead of you. Tucked in between all-white walls and a spillage of prickly pears, this country-chic manner is full of Mediterranean flair hidden in the heart of Salento. It is a photographers dream with soft sensual light that rises magnificently through wind-blown drapes reflecting off the sixteenth century Masseria. Raw nature, vineyards, olive groves and the glistening sea and home-grown produce is the secret behind their ideology, a spiritual sensation run by a wonderful family. There are bouquets of wild flowers unstyled to perfection in ever corner you turn to that Maria, the stunning owner with her wind-blown hair sets up on a daily basis as her pride and joy. It is a pinterest dream, an array of tasteful interior choices capturing my every glance. There are rows of columns, built-in beds in many little nooks, arched canopies with a slight Marrakesh vibe to the flow.



Our room was lovely and large with a fireplace, a large mosaic shower, a livingroom with fresh flowers and a cozy bed made from masculine white stone. Yet with many robust features made from a mixture of stone, it was softened by some lace, numerous curtains and soft shabby-chic elements and a balcony with lounge beds creating a sophisticated result. Lined with cactus, pomegranate trees and hidden gardens, the pool side was a real treat. Despite the water being extra cold, it was a pleasure drinking rosé on the luxuries loungers and relaxing under the sun while reading a book.

I loved the simplicity of the style of concept, there was always a delicious smell coming from the  kitchen. There was no menu and the daily dishes were built around seasonal produce freshly harvested presented minimally with no fuss, but pure perfection.

Here, all I want to do is wear flowy bohemian outfits, tiptoe on the beautiful tiles bare feet, start my mornings with amazing fresh breakfast, enjoy a cappuccino in the shade hidden behind a pot of wild flowers, watch the powerful sunsets and end the night with an intimate surprise dinner that never failed to disappoint.









A taste of Luxury, Furnirussi Tenuta


*In collaboration

Furnirussi Tenuta, Serrano

A step into a fig haven, a place for the mind and body to escape into pure relaxation, while your soul experiences a full Italian makeover. An Apulian makeover for that matter, that lingers with slow chicness, divine cuisine and authentic charm. In the midst of the largest organic fig plantation in Europe with 2o hectares and 4500 fig trees exists a luxury resort called Furnirussi Tenuta, in the heart of the Grecia Salentina. Already when you drive up to this majestic estate, you are welcomed by an array of wild herb bushes followed by an explosion of green and purple figs that lead you to the gates of the manner. It is all about first impressions and here they have done it just about right making every step of the way an experience to indulge in. As you all know, I am always on the hunt for the next best Italian masseria and Furnirussi spills on the top of my list. Here it is all about that tranquil lifestyle, where the mediterranean contemporary country vibe is the foundation of the atmosphere… and it all really comes down to that organic way of living, a build up of luxurious momentum.

Recommended by Condé Nast Traveller and being apart of the Chateaux and Hotel Collection, Chef Alan Ducasse also selected Furnirussi Tenuta as their featured gourmet restaurant. The flurry of press and increase in Puglian tourism attracts celebrities and diverse globe trotters that all come to enjoy the marvellously cultivated Italian simplicity.


‘Let me take you back to my experiences’

Some of you may remember my previous posts or IG pictures about our last Furnirussi experience and I can’t wait to make new memories this year! It is that feeling when the hot southern sun warms your body as the lake-like pool invites you for a cooling swim. That calmness after a morning workout in the outdoor gym or a yoga session in the serene Mediterranean garden. Just reading my book and lounging on the sunbeds while listening to the birds chirping in the background made it all that much more relaxing, tucked away in a luxurious hideaway. I still remember that first bite of our lunch, the carpaccio melted in my mouth and the refreshing gazpacho was made from ingredients straight from the garden that we of course, sipped down with chilling rosé.

It was that moment of drinking prosecco in bed on a late night tucked in between high thread count-sheets while listening to the raindrops outside. Mr. N and I were both wrapped in our bathrobes watching a movie feeling cozy and luxurious. With the rooms clean lines, minimalistic elegant interiors, floor-to-ceiling windows and wide garden-facing terraces, it was remarkably easy to feel comfortable and relaxed. Better yet, it was the smell of that lavender after the rain that wafted into our room as I opened our door to the large bushes. Every morning I literally stopped to smell them for a couple of minutes just to admire their beauty and capture the moment of their lingering aroma that I wish I could bottle up and capture forever.

‘Something new…´

Mr. N and I also enjoyed the fact that the masseria is only 12 km from Otranto, that is a favourite coastal town of ours in Puglia. We fell in love with it last year, the turquoise sea and cozy narrow white streets with lots of cute restaurants. I’m very excited to announce that in 2017, Luigi De Santis (owner of Furnirussi Tenuta) together with Gabriele Sticchi and Emanuele Moscara (owners of “Il Maestrale” a popular lounge bar in Otranto) are launching a new beach club called “Twiga Otranto”. The concept follows the high-end line of things in terms of quality service, foods and charming location only a new km from Furnirussi itself. It will include 120 white gazebos sprawling luxuriantly over a beautiful green field and smooth stones overlooking the clear blue Adriatic sea. It will have a restaurant (hello fresh seafood!) that serves fish and seafood coming daily directly from fishermen. Twiga Otranto will also include a daytime and night private club and an infinity pool that overlooks the entire landscape. I already see myself lounging around here, talk about travel chic!



‘The Organic way of life, is the best way’

‘Organic Fig Jam’ – need I say more?!

I still dream of the fig jam at breakfast that I mixed in with natural yogurt and fresh fruit or piled on my ricotta loaf, it was simply perfect. The flavour of the jam is invigorating, smooth, fresh and strong. For a fig obsessed individual like myself, I was pleased to know Furnirussi produced their own jam, which of course makes a lot of sense since they are nestled into the largest fig grove in Europe. I can honestly say, I have never tasted better figs in my life and I have had a lot of them! As of now they are producing a new less sweeter jam for the palette containing 99.70% organic fig and 0.30% natural malic acidifier to avoid that extreme sweetness. They are produced in two sizes 132gr and 33gr, a hotel & resorts edition which is quite convenient. I’m looking forward to trying the new jam, as I’m a fan of less sweetness, I think it will be great addition to cheeses, in smoothies, cold cuts and gamely flavours and I already see it centered at our Christmas table!

As the importance of organic farming is at constant growth, Furnirussi Tenuta has also expanded their garden focusing on cultivating fresh seasonal veggies that also include datterino tomatoes that is a rare and delicious specie. Moreover, as of this year they are beginning to produce their own organic extra virgin olive oil. As already mentioned that Furnirussi Tenuta is part of the C&H collection, this being no surprise with their fresh flare on traditional Salento cooking that is beautifully combined with modern creativity. Savouring seasonal produce where the chef strictly cooks from their own fields or within support from the local community is a vital element in this artistic kitchen.


‘Resort Life’
“Sometimes all a place needs to wow is one standout feature. Here, it’s a gorgeously landscaped swimming pool that is more like a small lake”. With the words of CN traveller, it all begins with the glorious pool, a therapeutic factor that was a highlight of our holiday. It is made from marble powder and is 1000mq in size and is certified with a patent in bio design making it completely organic. The resort also offers a spa with treatments with Essential oils, stones and yoga therapies and a possibility to run in between the fig trees on the running track.
Furnirussi Tenuta is a smoothing contemporary retreat that has 24 spacious suites ranging from 65 to 100 mq each spilling out into a private garden or terrace giving each guest a little nook of Puglian charm. The inviting large beds with soft sheets, luxuriously appointed bathrooms are a well-rounded recipe for pure indulgence. The rooms are surrounded with a mediterranean-esq garden with lavender, rosemary, a variety of mint, camomile, olive trees blooming all around you. For a overall experience the resort offers regular transfers if you are keen on exploring the surroundings to a palm-fringed beach to soak in the azure waters or a yacht excursion or a cooking class. It is possible to visit the nearby coastlines, such as Otranto or the beautiful olive groves in the village of Salento.
All in all, it really is about that Italian simplicity and lifestyle and here at Furnirussi Tenuta, you feel blessed in the heart of it all…


Enjoy a visual tour:  https://vimeo.com/118821584
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