Blue Oasis

sunday in bed

“If you want people to believe in you and in what you have to offer, you have to believe in YOU.”

– Christina Greve

As I lay in bed this morning reading my book, I get to thinking about life, and where the basis of feeling good routes from. At the moment, it is the smell of fresh coffee that Mr. N is drinking next to me and the feeling of waking up in crispy clean bed sheets. It is the slight breeze blowing from the window and the brightness of the morning light that reflects of our bedroom cupboards. An oasis of soft blue tones & the smell of fresh loaf that I carried home from our local bakery at 8 am.

Over the years, I’ve learned to shift focus more on myself and take notice of life around me. Rather than worrying about others, it’s more about focusing on feeling good about yourself. I believe I’ve always felt this way, but I just only realized it more in my late twenties, once I took the time to understand what makes me happy. By doing this, self-doubt and all that unnecessary procrastination fades. This in term effects you and your relationships and builds a positive foundation, well for anyway really… It builds confidence and that is a strong basis in self-belief.

I’ve always had quite a positive mindset, however my biggest issue has been worrying about the future. What I should be doing, reaching for my dreams and fulfilling goals. Sometimes I ask myself, what I want out of life? and this by far, it the hardest question of them all. Yes, I’m ever so grateful of what I have already, but being ambitious can also be your biggest downfall.  However, I’ve learned to live more in the moment and let life take its toll. As my mom once told me- before I know it another 10 years has gone by and you don’t want to waste it… believing in yourself and learning your route to happiness, is the biggest gift you can give yourself.  Just a little sunday positive thoughts

I’ve just had a fresh shower, I love the feeling of a moistened face and make-up free days, which seems to be most days during the summer. A couple of spritz of eau de citrus and lounging in my favourite oversized blue blouse that is soft and sunday-made. I have a large cup of tea on my bedside table with a good spoonful of honey in it and now I’m going to read a couple more chapters from my book before starting on breakfast. Sweet sunday everyone! Ps. Mr. N & I are leaving to my brother’s and sister-in-laws summer-house tomorrow, can’t wait!

Favourites at the moment

  • Eua De Citrus by Molinard
  • Makeup free skin
  • Oversized white knits
  • Dermalogica multi active toner spray
  • Organic beets from the market
  • Colourful espadrilles
  • Italian linen
  • Blue flowers
  • Long walks before a storm
  • My diamond hamsa-hand necklace from Nice
  • Capturing the morning light
  • The smell of Rosemary

sunday in bed5

How to get a Natural Glow?

5natural (1 of 1)

How to get that natural glow?

Every woman wants to achieve that makeup-less look and it can easily be done with a couple of highlights to accentuate some face features. First of all, a really refreshing summer/ day time look is to only apply mascara on your top lashes. Especially if you have long lashes as I do, it can sometimes create shadows and look a bit heavy at the bottom so this really lifts up the face. Then apply some light eyeshadow underneath ( I use MACs shroom satin) your bottom eye lashes and the inside edges of the eyes. This brings out the colour of your eyes adding a brightness effect.

Now begin to apply the highlighter to your face for that glowing effect. Make sure you find one that complements your skin tone, I use quite a cold shade that has less yellow colour in it. I use MACs prep + prime highlighter called radiant rose. This one lasts forever and has become an essential step in my makeup routine. Once you apply a bit of the highlighter on the areas (see below), smudge it gently with your fingers to blend into your skin. Do not use too much, it has to look subtle reflecting naturally in day light.  After the highlighter, use a bit of blush to add contrast to your features near the cheek bones, jaw line and on top of the forehead. These little tricks will give your face a fresh look with a natural “makeup-less” glow that we all crave for. The highlighter is perfect during summer time when you have a bit of a tan. No makeup needed, just a great nude lip and a couple of highlights here and there!

2 natural (1 of 1)

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Saturday Beauty Tip


Good Morning, welcome to my bathroom – It’s time for a tall glass of lime water and a moisturizing facial.

Last night I attended a friend’s birthday party and we had a blast! The evening involved champagne to delicious finger snacks and quality time with friends! We ended up going to a night club but I couldn’t stay out that long as this morning I’m stopping by work and running some errands with Mr. N before going for a dinner to my brother’s and sister in laws house. Can’t wait, we have a thai- evening in store for us! I have a feeling these two incredible cooks have quite a culinary experience planned for us.

I want to feel refreshed for the evening, so this morning began with a long shower and a refreshing skin hydrating masque by dermalogica. This masque is one of my trusted beauty products and use often on the weekends to rejuvenate my skin.  I keep it on for about 10  minutes and afterwards my skin feels refreshed, soft and healthier.  It gives a boost to the face. Then I add on my daily moisturizing cream but I add a few drops of hydrating booster to it. This product is another item that I love and use about every third day! It adds extra vitamins, relieves fine lines and hydrates even more. Have a wonderful weekend darlings!

Beauty tip: To refresh and help lift moisture levels

Dermalogica skin hydrating booster (small bottle) & Dermalogica skin hydrating mask



Saturday Evening

getting ready

Saturday evening was a complete spontaneous evening of going to town for a couple of drinks. My friend is leaving to Bali for 3 weeks so she had a couple of friends over to her house and from there we out to town for a glass of wine. Those unplanned evenings are usually the best kind as originally I thought I would stay home and just have a relax. Here are a couple of snap shots of my jewelry box, when I was getting ready for the evening.

My favourite Jo Malone perfume, orange blossom

Nude lipstick by Mac, creme d’nude, even though I ended up switching to red in the end.

Essie pink/blush nail polish, eternal optimist

jewelry and a glass of dry wine

The weather is wonderful this morning, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and I’m drinking tea in bed with my laptop. Mr. N and Bella are still asleep, but soon it’s time for breakfast and a trip to the forest for a lovely morning walk. Have a wonderful sunday darlings xx


getting ready1

getting ready 2

Sunday Morning Pampering


Easy like Sunday Morning

Good morning lovely readers! It is storming outside and I’m sitting at my computer with a cucumber and aloe vera face mask. It feels so nourishing and relaxing, a sunday pampering treat! It is super important to peel your skin once in a while as this removes daily dirt and grim leaving your skin refreshed. This mask has passion-flower and cucumber extracts in it, I love it! I have a candle burning and I’m sipping on my green smoothie that has avocado, soya yogurt, celery, banana and cucumber in it. This is what I call a perfect sunday morning! Have a lovely day everyone xx


facemask2 facemask3

Everyday Diva


Luscious red lips for the day of love

*smack* a big red kiss on the lips of my baby. Happy Valentine’s Day lovely readers! It’s the day to cherish your loved ones. Be kind, caring and always give more than you take. Be happy, grateful and embrace this short life. I’ve had a great day lunching and having a glass of wine with a couple of friends and now I’m at home relaxing in the arms of my love. Have a great weekend everyone. These bright red lips are called everyday diva by mac. A fresh red with a hint of pink. xo

/ Suuret punaiset huulet ystäväpäivän kunniaksi. Huulipuna on Macin “everyday diva” ja väri on punertavan pinkki! Aika freessi! Romanttista viikonloppua rakkaat lukijat! Muistakaa olla kiitollisia ystävistä ja kaikista rakkaista. xo





Wednesday Beauty Tip: Nuxe Paris, Huile Prodigieuse


This multi-purpose oil builds from 6 different plant oils and has no preservatives. It is packed with vitamin E, absorbs quickly leaving the skin feeling satiny-soft.  It adds suppleness to the hair and during summer time, it’s perfect for those dry legs as it adds a bit of a glossy effect.

/ Keskiviikkon kauneus vinkki on Nuxe paris Huile Prodigieuse öljy

Kuivaöljy kasvoille, vartalolle ja hiuksille. Se on täysin säilöntäaineeton ja jättää ihon ihanan pehmeäksi. Super tuote kesälle!

Red Soles & Delicate silk


Dressed for a wedding… A decided upon a simple silk dress that is the epitome of femininity. It overflows with beautiful delicate details and its pale colour combination brings a touch of gentleness and purity, perfect for a wedding celebration. The dress is by Fred Sun Paris and is a 100% silk.

and as for accessories... I used minimalistic jewelry, a necklace, ring and earings made from white gold. In terms of hairdo, I decided to go for a romantic wavy goddess-style bun. My purse has a gold detail in the front so I incorporated a golden headband into the mix. I basically rolled my hair around the band and curled it into a loose bun in the back.  Nothing too stiff to suit the angelic look I was going for. I finalized my outfit with a pair of 10 inch Christian Louboutins that really elongated my entire frame and gave me that womanly confidence a pair of heals should do!


Christian Louboutin Tirana 100 Kid Black heals.  They mold nicely with the shape of my feet and the strap secures them in from the hight. IMG_0394

makeup tip: Apply mascara only on the upper eye lashes and smear white eyeshadow on the bottom lid. This gives a fresh uplifting look to the eyes.




IMG_0390 IMG_0392

Rosemary Hand Bath & Homemade Scrub



Hello Everyone,

This weekend was one of the best yet, Mr. N and I celebrated a very special wedding on Saturday. The bride was stunning and the evening was filled with love and new beginnings. Who doesn’t love weddings?! The evening was beautiful and intimate and we had so much fun. On saturday morning I decided to start the special day with a relaxing rosemary hand bath. Prior to this, I had been drinking lots and lots of water and gone to sleep early to look as fresh as possible for the wedding.


A day of pampering… It is always nice to pamper yourself and this one requires little effort. I did this in my bathroom surrounded with a candle and a cold glass of water with lemon and loganberries.

You need a bowel of hot water and lots of rosemary branches. Why rosemary? because it increases blood circulation, so this would work perfectly as a foot bath aswell.  Soak your hands in this hot water for about 5-10 minutes so they become nice and soft. Then scrub with the rosemary branches and a homemade scrub until the grains soften. Give your hands a massage and soak them back into the water.

Homemade Scrub Ingredients

  • Honey
  • Brown Sugar
  • Olive Oil
  • Cinnamon (optional) for that lovely aroma



This leaves your hands nice and soft and such a simple treatment gives you a special feeling.I should definitely start doing this more often.

Then for those simple elegant nails. I used a rather neutral nail polish: O.P.I nail lacquer called “Don’t burst my bubble” and an Essie high shine top coat called “Let it Shine”. In the end, I coated my hands with a generous amount of handcream.



all ready for a day of celebration.