Time seems to be passing by really quickly with little Lucas, whom has just turned 4 months. We had a small and intimate christening for him a few weeks ago with family and his godparents that was a lovely gathering. His name is Lucas Lionel Noah. Thus far, everything has been running really smoothly with this little one, he seems to be a clam and easy baby at the moment at least. He has just learned to roll over from the side to his belly, all on his own and has discovered his own toes and loves to put everything in his mouth. He loves to suck on his own thumb, the pacifier, not so much. He follows very well with his eyes and gives you the cheekiest little grin if you smile at him. We just had a doctors appointment today and he is growing at a normal rate, he is 65cm tall and weighs about 6kg already. Bedtime as gone really well for us too, he sleeps 6 hours (in one go) at the longest, then eats and goes back to sleep for another couple or three hours. In the mornings, if we still want to sleep, he is perfectly happy in his own crib cooing and wiggling around, which makes me happy. Don’t know if every parent feels like this, but we surely got lucky with this little cutie. He is such a dream and puts us a good mood with his little smiles.

Here are a few images from the christening- we had a beautiful church ceremony and a little party back at our place. Lucas was wearing our family christening gown that runs from our side of the family. We served some champagne and canapés and ended with party with some cake. It was a beautiful day and Lucas behaved like such a good boy all day. He did not cry once, just took it easy on everyones lap.

post bath is one of our favourite times. Siena is protective over Lucas, she loves to lick his little fingers and lays next to him watching his moves. She has also become more protective over the pram as we walk and is in clear guard move to protect the pack when we are on the move.

Christmas Tree Hunt

Last Sunday, we gathered our family together and took a little trip to my parents house to chop down the perfect Christmas tree. We gathered around as my father sawed it down, the weather was crisp and white, while our god child was all smiles bundled up in a lamb blanket.  We had a little picnic outdoors after the tree was chopped, grilled some sausages and had tea and coffee. I managed to gather a basket full of material from nature that you saw in my previous post that makes a sophisticated decor around the house. Before that us “kids” (aka Mr. N, my brother, sister-in-law and our nephew) took a forest walk on the golf course and saw the cutest reindeer family and enjoyed nature at its finest. Moments like these are the sweetest, only 3 more nights till Christmas!







The little one.

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I had the pleasure of shooting my sister-in-laws pregnancy photos at their country house the other week and here are some of the results! I was seeking for a natural, earthy yet whimsical feeling to the pictures, so I played around with the sunlight and shadows for moments of over exposure. We were hoping for the cherry trees to be in full bloom, but there was no hope in that department! I’ve never done a pregnancy shoot before, but it was so much fun. There is something amazing about that bump, knowing there is a little one growing inside, tucked away, close to mom. The feeling is soft, gentle and almost magical, just like my tiny nephew inside of her. She looks stunning, a nordic meadow fairy surrounded with wind flowers that are a traditional Mothers day flower here in Finland. I can’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy. Motherhood is a gift and there are exciting times ahead.

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