A splash of Floral in Paris

Le Marais, Paris

An outfit that glides easily from day to night, a floral jumpsuit is a versatile outfit to have in every wardrobe. It is lightweight on holidays that can be dressed up or down with accessories, for example from ankle boots to sleek heels. I loved strolling down the beautiful streets of Le Marais, especially in front these majestic colourful doors. This petrol blue colour is a dream. This outfit was a day time look for me, casual ankle boots and delicate necklaces of all lengths for a bit of something extra, after all we were in Paris.  The culotte length is also flattering on any height and a loose-fitted jumpsuit accentuates the waist with a tie belt. The really great thing about this jumpsuit is the ability to layer it!





Caviar, Oysters & Pink walls

A day spent in the fortress of Suomenlinna

A morning that starts with caviar toast with a soft-boiled egg infused with truffle oil is one that works for me. My friend and I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and start the day in the city centre harbour by having breakfast in Finlandia caviar. We sampled on french fin de claire oysters and Siberian sturgeon caviar with a glass of bubbly to celebrate the spontaneous summer friday.

After we took the ferry over to the fortress of Suomenlinna that was built in the second half of the 18th century that is at the entrance of Helsinki’s harbour. With its idyllic atmosphere, old buildings, hobbit like hills, cobbled stone pathways and little cafes/restaurants, the island has a lot to offer for a peaceful day. We stopped at my favourite courtyard restaurant that is in the right side of the harbour as you step off the boat that draws me in with its light pink walls. The building looks very southern france, where the muted pink hues make the perfect backdrop for any possible outfit photo. We again nibbled on more food, this time though a toast skagen and a shared cheese platter and sat in the sunshine talking about this and that.

Our day was consumed of walking around the island admiring the calming atmosphere and beautiful old architecture. We stopped at a few places for coffee and bubbly,  picked a few wildflowers, sat by the sea and watched the old wooden sailboats sail by. We had the perfect day and my floral blue blouse and ruffle maxi was the perfect choice for this day!








Red Florals & Seafood Bars in St. Germain

Paris, France

Suggested by the guardian and the New York times, I really wanted to try out a tiny seafood (mainly oysters) bar called Huitrerie Regis on 3 Rue de Montfaucon in Saint Germain Des Pres. I read that the place takes no reservations and there is often a que when it opens at noon and the fantastic oysters come from the Marenne-Oleron. We arrived 15 minutes prior to the restaurant opening its doors, with a que, but luckily we managed to get a seat outside in the shade. From the blue handmade plates to the clean-cut white interior, I loved the concept of a in and out fresh seafood bar that works according to its daily catch. I was hoping to get sea urchins, but since they were out of season we had a selection of different oysters, prawns and a scallop paté for starters. Dressed in a gucci-esq floral shirt and a white pleated skirt, my purse matched the shade of blue plates and we watched the traffic pass by and admired the Parisian buildings on the other side of the streets. What a cute little intimate place that is a little hidden form the main streets, I would totally suggest it a seafood lovers guide to Paris. Ps. Look at all these amazing buildings and wrought iron balconies?!






Pastel Doors & Macaron Gelato

Paris, France

I would say an evening well spent, is when you stroll past these pastel coloured doors in Le Marais and indulge in flower shaped ice creams in the warm evening sun. This colourful delight is a summer perfection that just happened to match my flower dress and the macaron is like a cherry on top. My friend chose a pistachio macaron with chocolate on chocolate ice cream while I had a raspberry macaron with berry ice cream, vanilla and pistachio all mixed together.

ice cream4 (1 of 1)


Gone to the country in Feminine Floral

country (1 of 1)

‘Under the bare apple trees surrounded with wind flowers’

When I slip into this dress, I feel extra feminine completely day-time chic ready for any garden party or sudden element of surprise! For some reason I feel this dress could pass off as a modern flamenco dress, maybe its the colour combination, the flow in the hem or the strong floral print. I’m obsessed with the high collar, the more covered the dress is, the more elegant it feels on. I am spending a day at the country with my dear sis in law P, taking her pregnancy photos in this serene atmosphere. To say the least this outfit is so easy to move in and feels light even though its sunny. The ground is covered in wind flowers, while the nature is showing signs of rebirth, the day was beautiful in every way.

country1 (1 of 1)

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Vinyard Romance

wine tasting2 (1 of 1)

Verona, Italy

In the breathless valley of Tregnago exists Tenuta La Cave, a hillside estate that overlooks vineyards and olive trees. They produce organic and biodynamic wines such as, Valpolicella, Ripasso and Amarone. This place will always be dear to my heart as it was the location of our engagement. This moment was actually hours before the proposal and to think I had no idea what was in store for that evening! Tenuta La Cave holds the best memories, from a private concert by world-famous Zucchero followed by an amazing party where we danced the entire night away with new friends! Waking up to the view of lush vineyards and green country surroundings is the perfect recipe for a peaceful getaway.

As we took a tour of the wine production, my attire was a chic silk dress with detailed floral patterns that blew softly in the gentle breeze. The serenity and a perfect sip of wine is what Italian country is all about. I’ve combined the dress with my everyday necklace (hamsa hand) from Nice, a ring from my mother and the classic H-bracelet. The all black ray bans are a needed accessory for all occasions!

tentuta la cave (1 of 1) kopio

tentuta la cave2 (1 of 1)

Colours & Pattern in Tuscany

poggis (1 of 1)

Poggio Piglia, Tuscany

In the middle of lavender fields, olive groves and lush country side lays a beautiful boutique hotel Poggio Piglia. One early evening, we lounged by the pool for a quick espresso before heading out to some nearby towns. This casual evening outfit builds from comfortable but interesting patterns and textures. I think the combination is fresh and fashionable, even though it is purely comfortable and easy-going. A favourite of mine is this silk blouse with its “Gucci-esq” floral pattern to it. These thin navy silk pants are a good choice for either day or evening, super adaptable and soft. To complete the look, I’ve twisted my hair into a loose bun, added lace loafers, an oversized scarf and of course my trusty large petrol Chanel.

poggis1 (1 of 1) kopio


Sunset in Cannes, France

hanna cannes1 (1 of 1)

Cannes, France

As the evening sets, the inviting view of the still ocean captures my gaze and I stare at the majestic yachts and tall sailboats in the distant horizon. The view makes me inhale and feel Cannes beginning to rest.. The day has been incredibly warm, so the easiest and most fashion forward outfit is an effortless maxi, always stylish and ready for any occasion. Being tasteful and chic is what Cannes style is all about…but then again, that goes without saying for all of Southern France.

I’m in love with this silk dress, particularly the colour and floral pattern is something worth obsessing over. It is elegant and feminine and the small sleeves are really quite darling. I also like the shorter hem in the front as it makes it that much easier to walk around steep steps in beautiful old towns. I’m wearing a couple of different thin necklaces to add a bit of flair to the look, nothing too heavy though to keep it inline with the look of the dress. All I want to do is stare into the yellow mist that gently overlooks the entire harbour.

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White Lace & Pink Roses

pinkroses3 (1 of 1)
Shirt/ H&M, Jeans/ Zara

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” -Coco Chanel

The combination of gorgeous pink roses and delicate white lace makes the complete feminine style guide.  My dear friend gave these roses to me and I am absolutely loving the vintage lilac pinkish colour with touches of green. Thank you again C! I decided to wear all white today, the ultimate spring colour that is bursting with freshness. I’m wearing fitted jeans and an embroidered shirt that is covered with abstract flower patterns. I love the non-linear hem and actually everything about it. I originally purchased it for Santorini, but it makes the perfect welcoming for spring. During the summer this shirt will look great with a maxi skirt, cute white shorts or casual ripped jeans.

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‘Winter Florals’

white floral
Blouse & Pants/Zara, Ankle Boots/ Calpierre, Bracelet/ Hermés

I mean, who can resist lovely fresh-cut blooms? I sure can’t. Well an obvious choice would be to burst out floral patterns when spring comes around the corner, but I wanted to break them out early. To me, a floral pattern has never felt more fresh becoming just the right remedy for our dull dark winter days. I’ve often heard woman say, floral prints are a risky choice and prefer leaving their blooms on your kitchen table. Many say, it just looks too tacky, outdated and doesn’t really fit with my style. I say your partly right, but it is all about how you wear it. First of all you need  a bit of attitude and a dollop of courage. Minute and abstract designs can add a intriguing amount of visual creativity transferring your look to a modern elegant woman. You can easily wear it to the office with clean black pants and become an urban city-gal with styling it with a bit of edge. If I was going for dinner/drinks I would wear this blouse with black leather shorts, thin black stockings, over the knee socks, chunky ankle boots and an oversized bag. I would add a long blazer on top and march to the bar to order a glass of bubbly. Ps. I haven’t been out since new years, I am so craving for a glass of champagne as I’m writing this!

May I just say that the tropical inspired florals are going to be hot in 2015 along with edgier more elaborate prints. Even though this year large prints are very much in the scene, I’m a fan of the subtle delicate ornamental blooms. Anyways, I suggest you begin soaking up the blooming idea as a flower maxi is an essential item for your summer wardrobe. Yes, a beautiful flowy floral print with ethnic vibes creating that perfect 60s inspired bohemian dress. Bring on the flower power!

winter florals3

/Hei kaikille!

Tänään haluan esitellä teille keväistä kukkakuosia… Vaikka kevät ei olekaan vielä ajankohtaista, ajattelin tuoda pientä kukintaa harmaaseen talvipäivää raikkaalla silkkipaidalla. Kuvioiden sekoitus luo sopivasti kontrastia asuun ja kokonaisuus on tosi raikas valkoisella pohjalla. Kuulemma kevään kuuma kukkatrendi on juuri viidakko tyyliset kuvioinnit, isot printit ja tietenkin boheemi hempeä kuvio. Kuosi voi olla hyvin monipuolinen isosta näyttävästä hillittyyn ja suloiseen versioon.

Mitä mieltä te olette kukasta?! Monella tämä on mielipiteen jakaja, sillä siitä saattaa tulla mieleen tätimäinen tyyli tai mummon vanhat verhot. Apua, varsinkin semmoiset retro verhot, missä on sinapin keltaista ja ruskeaa sekoitusta! Blah! Vaikka ajatus kukkakuosista  saattaa epäilyttää, rohkaisen jokaisen kokeilemaan tyyliä, sillä se saattaa yllättää! Aloittaisin abstraktilla kuviolla, mikä helposti soveltuu kokonaisuuteen ja luo pelkästään kontrastia. Kuviota pitää yhdistää muihin vaatteisiin pienellä asenteella niin se irtautuu perinteisestä mummo tyylistä. Kun alat pitämään kukkakuosista, niin huomaat miten se soveltuu muihinkin kuvioisiin ja luo mielenkiintoisia vaikutelmia!

Moderneissa kukkakuoseissa on täydellinen sekoitus tyylikkyyttä, vanhan ajan henkeä ja rohkeita näyttäviä malleja. Näistä asukuvista näkyy miten moderni kukkapaita sopii arjen käyttöön; toimistotyyliin sekä ehdottomasti juhlaan. Jos olisin lähdössä syömään/juhlimaan niin olisin vetänyt nahkasortsit jalkaan ja löysästi rypyttänyt paidan vyötärön kohdalta. Pukisin myös ohuet mustat sukkahousut ja polvenylisukat ja biker-tyyliset nilkkurit. Tähän yhdistäisin ylisuuren laukun ja pitkän roikkuvan blazerin ja  marssisin tiskille ostamaan lasin kuplivaa. xxx


winter floral1

winter floral2