Warm Ginger Lime & Lemon Water

5 reasons to drink warm lemon, lime & ginger water

  • Balances PH levels (lemons are an incredibly alkaline food)
  • Helps Digestion (warm water stimulates digestion and lemons and limes are high in minerals and vitamins and help loosen toxins in the digestive track)
  • Boosts immune system (high in vitamin C and potassium that help fight cold and ginger pushes toxins away from body)
  • Helps weight loss (high in fiber so helps hungry cravings and increases metabolism)
  • Clears skin ( flush toxins away from body and hydrates skin keeping it clear. Vitamin C diminishes wrinkles and blemishes)

Parisan Decadent Hot Chocolate


Snuggle up by the fire with a cup of decadent homemade hot chocolate, just like you would find in cafe Angelina in Paris. The flavour is rich and intense topped with a sprinkle of nutmeg for some Christmas flavour, just perfect with biscotti.


  • 1 1/2 cups whole milk
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 2 teaspoons icing sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon espresso powder
  • 250g chopped bittersweet chocolate
  • Cinnamon stick/ grated nutmeg

Place a sauce pan over medium heat, whisk together the milk, cream, cinnamon stick, sugar and espresso powder. Let it simmer until small bubbles appear around the edges, but make sure it does not boil. Remove from heat and stir in the chopped chocolate. You may need to place back on low heat just to make sure all the chocolate melts. Garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg and serve with biscotti.




In bed with a turmeric latte.


Soothing and calming, this turmeric latte is made for lazy Sundays that naturally nourishes your body with amazing anti-inflammatory properties and excessive goodness. Fresh turmeric gives the latte a warm yellow colour and is an excellent antioxidant that boosts your immunity system and is known to have numerous healing properties. There are many recipes out there, but I decided upon an easy one that requires no blender and rather just a bit of gentle heating in a saucepan with lovely seasonal spices. I must say, I love the kick this latte has, each velvety sip warms the back of my throat sweetly. I will be enjoying this cup of comfort during the winter season, in bed of course… tucked in between a mountain of pillows with my woolen socks, a good coffee-table book and flowers from my love. Have a wonderful sunday darlings!



  • Fresh Ginger ( 1 tbsp)
  • Fresh Turmeric ( 1 tbsp)
  • Oat milk ( 1 cup)
  • Cinnamon ( tsp)
  • Cardamom (1 tsp)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Honey ( 1 tsp)

Grate some fresh ginger and turmeric into a small saucepan. Add some oat milk, ground cardamom, cinnamon, a pinch of sea salt. Heat the saucepan over medium heat until just simmering. Sweeten with a teaspoon of honey. Remove from heat and strain the latte into mugs. For a frothy effect in the end, I frothed a bit of skimmed milk in our espresso machine.


I have also read that this recipe is great with a splash of coconut cream or puree. Also instead of honey, many recipes use coconut sugar or juicy dates. However if you use dates, I would blitz everything in a blender until smooth and frothy.



Slow Sipping Saturday & Fresh Roses

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‘Saturday Homemade black current & blueberry tea’

The best way to enjoy this juice is to take your time & sip it without any rush, a morning moment to take for yourself. The sun is shining, it’s the weekend and I’ve already mastered some baking in the kitchen & later I’ll be attending a brunch with some friends. Instead of some traditional tea, I made some homemade berry juice that tastes lovely and sweet filled with antioxidants and minerals. A vitamin bomb in a cup, I say...It is made from blueberries, lemon, ginger and blackcurrant, all good sources of anti-inflammatory properties making the drink a good choice for a sore throat remedy. Is there a better way to start the day than with a bouquet of fresh roses, a classic vogue and homemade berry juice?! Have a lovely weekend darlings!

What you will need?
  1. 1/2 cup of blueberries
  2. 1/2 cup of blackberries
  3. 1/2 large lemon juice
  4. Honey
  5. Ginger
  6. Water

In a saucepan, grate some ginger in 2 cups of hot water. Let it simmer gently (do not let it boil) under the lid for about 10 minutes. Then add in 1/2 cup of blueberries & 1/2 cup of blackberries into the saucepan. Add in the juice of 1/2 a large lemon and continue simmering for another 5 minutes. Then strain the liquid into a cup and sweeten with honey.



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Sunday Fresh Mint Tea

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freshly brewed mint tea, a sunday favourite

My sunday morning is a crowned by freshly brewed mint tea, a quiet soothing moment to start the day. I dropped Mr. N at the airport early this morning, so I decided to make some herbal tea once home, to slow down and unwind from the morning rush. Home made herbal tea is easy to make and the flavour combinations are endless. A batch of fresh mint is simply delicious, a favourite of mine either hot or cold. Generally I tend to drink this in the evening, it has become a bit of ritual this winter to mark the end of the day and relax.  A tea moment is wonderful because it cannot be rushed and it forces you to slow down.


  1. 1 large handful of fresh mint leaves
  2. honey to sweeten
  3. 2 cups hot water (this makes quite a strong infusion, so you can add more water to dilute the flavour)
  4. squeeze of lemon

How to make? Tear the mint leaves and place into a strainer placed over a glass bowl or teapot. Pour boiling water over the leaves so they are covered under water at all times. To release the oils, bruise the leaves with a wooden spoon. Let the flavours infuse with a covered lid for about 10 minutes. Squeeze excess flavour from leaves and remove. Pour into a cup, sweeten with honey and squeeze a bit of lemon. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.


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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

The smell of fresh tulips from our neighbourhood flower shop, a lovely walk in the sunny fresh air and the taste of a frothy vanilla & cardamom milk is the way our Christmas began this morning. I want to wish everyone a safe and joyous holiday, share this day with your loved ones and family. It doesn’t matter about the gifts or the materialistic aspect of things, what matters is the feeling and atmosphere of today. Our day will be surrounded with delicious cooking. Merry Christmas Everyone!


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Christmas in a Cup

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December 19th-

This warm comforting cup of Christmas spices is perfect for the weekend sitting under a blanket by the fireplace. After drinking too much tea on a daily basis, I wanted a seasonal drink to sip on during the evenings. After a couple of trials, this combination seemed be my favourite. I usually have my base with an espresso but melted dark chocolate gives a sweet decadent taste to it as well. The key is to have lots of frothy milk and if you prefer the drink sweeter, add some maple syrup or sugar. hhmmm.. the smell of grated nutmeg gets to me every time… Just perfect. Have a wonderful weekend darlings!


  • 1 1/2 cup Hot milk (I foamed the milk in an espresso machine)
  • 1 dl espresso or melted dark chocolate
  • 1 tsp Grated nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp ground Cinnamon
  • 1 Cinnamon stick
  • 1/2 tsp ground Cardamom
  • 2 whole Cloves

Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy warm

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