Spring time with Gallerix wall art.

in collaboration with Gallerix 

You know that spring is slowly making its way back into the horizon, when you hear the sound of screeching seagulls. It is one of my favourite sounds in the entire world as it reminds me of the sea, summer, seaside and it symbolises the end of winter. Ever spring, I get an urge to spruce things up in the interior front and this time, I ordered a new linen sofa in front of the kitchen to create a new coffee spot. I sold my old computer table as I do not need a specific workspace and created this soft ambiance area instead. I love the way it adds another space to the house and visually looks more appealing this way.

I also got the chance to have a new collaboration with the poster brand gallerix which came during the right time with my spring clear-out.  I thought it was quite special to order a poster of a map with the coordinates for our future house. I thought it would be unique and meaningful and was thinking of giving it my husband as an anniversary gift. I love the idea of a coordinated map, as we all have places that are important to us. At first, I was thinking of placing the coordinates for the place in Italy, where we got engaged as this also holds a special place in our hearts. However, I think our house coordinates can look great in our new home, so I went with that instead. If you are thinking of ordering some prints yourself, find inspiration from this collage of prints on the wall that have been made by interior specialists to see what prints suit each other. For the next twenty one days, I will be sharing a discount code xoamys30, where you can get 30 % of your discount.

Maybe it was the sound of the seagulls this morning or that we are heading towards spring, I wanted to also order these cute little sailboats in size 50 x 70 cm in a white wooden frame, to place into Lucas’ room. Since Suvisaaristo is very much a seaside area to live, I thought the sailboats would be a cute addition to his future room. I also love the muted colour palette it has, very elegant and pleasant to my eye. Maybe my son will take up sailing as a hobby when he grows a bit older.

This Sans Couture print is lovely with a neutral colour palate, that works well with the prints I ordered last time, such as the Matisse print. I love the petals as it feels timeless, spring-like and visually it is something I will not get bored of easily. Moreover, the coordinate map in size 50 x 70cm in a white wooden frame is also visually appealing as you can change the colour of the landscape and roads from black and white to a neutral light sand colour with white roads. Many may think that this does not show the details clear enough, but I personally love that the contrast is left to a minimal and does not bounce out too much from the wall. This will eventually look great in our house. It even shows the little sauna on our plot at the moment and our neighbouring houses which is a great little detail. I love the little spruce up or house got this spring, now I am only waiting for the weather to get warm enough so I can begin planting flowers on our balcony.

Gallerix Wall art

New collaboration with the poster brand Gallerix

Today I received some beautiful posters from Gallerix, where I was allowed to choose some prints for our home. I wanted something simple and timeless, where the colours would be neutral and blend into the surroundings, so this way they will also suit our future house that we are going to build. I wanted something artisty and somewhat abstract so I chose posters representing Matisse Papiers Decoupes No1 and a sketch-like figurine called Picasso From Femme.

This morning I began my day with a decaf espresso and placing the posters in the frames ( I chose white wooden frames to optimise the least amount of contrast), but there are also wooden and black frames available. I also chose a few posters for our future sons room, a cute hot air balloon print ( called watercolour Hot Air Balloonand also an airplane (called Watercolour Airplane) to create a somewhat aerial feel. I love that these two prints are fairly  doey and soft from the watercolour affect and can suit both a girls and a boys room, incase we have more children in the future. Galleix also had sweet animal prints that were totally darling, that I was really contemplating as well.

I specifically wanted posters and frames in the size 30 x 40 (could get bigger or smaller), so this way they also fit inside a cabinet, as I prefer to have them leaning against something, rather than hanging on the wall. I think it looks quite nice to have these prints as a backdrop in a glass cabinet mixed with old antiques, nice plates, a few statues, on a shelf as they make nice space fillers (not that I ever have free space in my shelves :)). 

You can see my favourite poster list from here, in case you wish to order some for yourself. I will be sharing a 30% discount code on my instagram if you wish to order some for yourself that will last for twenty days. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

The slow-chic Masseria Palombara, a hidden escape

‘A mecca of authentic beauty with a luxurious feel to it’

As the sun pushes through the turquoise door of our beautiful room, the countryside awakes to a Apulian dream. For a visual addict, this location will hit you in all the right spots with its tasteful mixture of rustic charm blended with the ideology of ecological living. Masseria Palombara is a kaleidoscope of old and new interior with immense attention to detail that is as photogenic as the lemons in Positano.

As I tiptoe out of bed from a well-rested night, the vaulted ceilings have a calming effect to the entire space. I creak the door open greeted by the brightness of the sun to see the little limes on the tree still damp from the nights mist. The low sun creates that ‘oh so desired lens flare’ as it peaks through the fig trees, prickly pears casting shadows on the white washed walls as it rises gracefully to another cloudless day. The harmonic hues of blue and green blends with whites and creams giving our room that mediterranean vibe that is taken one step further with the salt water taps that does wonders to my Scandinavian hair. The enchanting Masseria Palombara allows for its guests to disconnect from it all in the heart of the Southern Italian countryside.

‘A breakfast dressed for pinterest’

As we walk to breakfast, we are immediately greeted by the friendly staff that lead us to our table. The slow-food breakfast includes fresh fruits, home-made yogurt (that is just amazing), jams & honey and a savory treat from the kitchen that varies on a daily basis finished with a round of cakes. With eggs straight from the hen-house, ricotta pie, and a fig basil mousse spread on bruschetta (with own pressed olive oil of course), the breakfast was one of the best I’ve ever had. It doesn’t hurt when the table setting looks like it’s made for instagram with splashes of colour set on driftwood tables. In fact the plates and cups were so beautiful, Mr. N and I we drove to Grottaglie, the town where the ceramics are made and created a set for ourselves that should be arriving next week!

As you enter the white archway into a large sun-baked courtyard, you are greeted with singing birds, a spa to your left and a calming view of the grounds. The limestone walls protect the yard where cactus lined corners, cozy nooks and haybeds spread on the fields creating a tranquil adults only setting, that offers you numerous places to unwind. The mood at poolside is perfect, with jazz playing in the background and silhouettes lounging on the chairs reading their holiday novels, we sip on our glass of rosé and soak in the sun that still is so hot in late September. Tea is served in the most beautiful pots and service is immaculate straight from the start as they great you at your car when entering the premises.

‘Eco-friendly & organic’

Converted into an elegant luxurious hotel, this organic farm covers about 100 hectares, with a relaxed philosophy of slow-chic culture. Set within acres of untainted beauty, it is situated 2 km from the Medieval town of Oria. The estate surrounds with almond and olive groves and gardens that cater to the kitchen on a daily basis for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Palombara is a working farm that prides itself on being self-sustaining. Most of the food on the menu is grown here or otherwise locally sourced from nearby smaller businesses. The food is robustly chic with the right amount of authenticity allowing the flavours to speak for themselves. This gem was set up by the very humble Angelo and Fabiola that make the place feel personal throughout the stay. They epitomise everything that a host should be and the presence contributes to that wonderful homely feel. The service throughout was top-level and Palombara offers value for money in every single aspect, creating that luxurious getaway retreat.

‘Nearby towns’

There is vast opportunity to explore cute nearby towns via car that are a must! This time, Mr. N and I decided to visit Martina Franca, Locorotondo and Grottaglie that are all in decent driving range from the masseria. All towns are worth visiting to soak up the beautiful white streets of the old towns that are more picture-esq than the next. Oria is also very close and one night decided to eat dinner there in a great fish restaurant. However, I do recommend to eat dinner at the masseria as the experience is fabulous. All the lit candles and soft music echoing from the arched walls add that ambiance on top of a delicious dinner.

As I took of my suede peacock slippers and dipped my toes into the pool, I collapsed onto the lounger, sipped on some green tea and got lost in the pages of my book. With palm trees casting shadows in the backdrop and green vases lining the white sunbeds, Mr. N and I embraced the chic poolside in pure relaxation. I love how accidentally the tea set matched my book and kaftan in the opal green tones… just heavenly and can’t wait to go back next year!



Read more here: Masseria Palombara
In collaboration with Masseria Palombara *


















A taste of Luxury, Furnirussi Tenuta


*In collaboration

Furnirussi Tenuta, Serrano

A step into a fig haven, a place for the mind and body to escape into pure relaxation, while your soul experiences a full Italian makeover. An Apulian makeover for that matter, that lingers with slow chicness, divine cuisine and authentic charm. In the midst of the largest organic fig plantation in Europe with 2o hectares and 4500 fig trees exists a luxury resort called Furnirussi Tenuta, in the heart of the Grecia Salentina. Already when you drive up to this majestic estate, you are welcomed by an array of wild herb bushes followed by an explosion of green and purple figs that lead you to the gates of the manner. It is all about first impressions and here they have done it just about right making every step of the way an experience to indulge in. As you all know, I am always on the hunt for the next best Italian masseria and Furnirussi spills on the top of my list. Here it is all about that tranquil lifestyle, where the mediterranean contemporary country vibe is the foundation of the atmosphere… and it all really comes down to that organic way of living, a build up of luxurious momentum.

Recommended by Condé Nast Traveller and being apart of the Chateaux and Hotel Collection, Chef Alan Ducasse also selected Furnirussi Tenuta as their featured gourmet restaurant. The flurry of press and increase in Puglian tourism attracts celebrities and diverse globe trotters that all come to enjoy the marvellously cultivated Italian simplicity.


‘Let me take you back to my experiences’

Some of you may remember my previous posts or IG pictures about our last Furnirussi experience and I can’t wait to make new memories this year! It is that feeling when the hot southern sun warms your body as the lake-like pool invites you for a cooling swim. That calmness after a morning workout in the outdoor gym or a yoga session in the serene Mediterranean garden. Just reading my book and lounging on the sunbeds while listening to the birds chirping in the background made it all that much more relaxing, tucked away in a luxurious hideaway. I still remember that first bite of our lunch, the carpaccio melted in my mouth and the refreshing gazpacho was made from ingredients straight from the garden that we of course, sipped down with chilling rosé.

It was that moment of drinking prosecco in bed on a late night tucked in between high thread count-sheets while listening to the raindrops outside. Mr. N and I were both wrapped in our bathrobes watching a movie feeling cozy and luxurious. With the rooms clean lines, minimalistic elegant interiors, floor-to-ceiling windows and wide garden-facing terraces, it was remarkably easy to feel comfortable and relaxed. Better yet, it was the smell of that lavender after the rain that wafted into our room as I opened our door to the large bushes. Every morning I literally stopped to smell them for a couple of minutes just to admire their beauty and capture the moment of their lingering aroma that I wish I could bottle up and capture forever.

‘Something new…´

Mr. N and I also enjoyed the fact that the masseria is only 12 km from Otranto, that is a favourite coastal town of ours in Puglia. We fell in love with it last year, the turquoise sea and cozy narrow white streets with lots of cute restaurants. I’m very excited to announce that in 2017, Luigi De Santis (owner of Furnirussi Tenuta) together with Gabriele Sticchi and Emanuele Moscara (owners of “Il Maestrale” a popular lounge bar in Otranto) are launching a new beach club called “Twiga Otranto”. The concept follows the high-end line of things in terms of quality service, foods and charming location only a new km from Furnirussi itself. It will include 120 white gazebos sprawling luxuriantly over a beautiful green field and smooth stones overlooking the clear blue Adriatic sea. It will have a restaurant (hello fresh seafood!) that serves fish and seafood coming daily directly from fishermen. Twiga Otranto will also include a daytime and night private club and an infinity pool that overlooks the entire landscape. I already see myself lounging around here, talk about travel chic!



‘The Organic way of life, is the best way’

‘Organic Fig Jam’ – need I say more?!

I still dream of the fig jam at breakfast that I mixed in with natural yogurt and fresh fruit or piled on my ricotta loaf, it was simply perfect. The flavour of the jam is invigorating, smooth, fresh and strong. For a fig obsessed individual like myself, I was pleased to know Furnirussi produced their own jam, which of course makes a lot of sense since they are nestled into the largest fig grove in Europe. I can honestly say, I have never tasted better figs in my life and I have had a lot of them! As of now they are producing a new less sweeter jam for the palette containing 99.70% organic fig and 0.30% natural malic acidifier to avoid that extreme sweetness. They are produced in two sizes 132gr and 33gr, a hotel & resorts edition which is quite convenient. I’m looking forward to trying the new jam, as I’m a fan of less sweetness, I think it will be great addition to cheeses, in smoothies, cold cuts and gamely flavours and I already see it centered at our Christmas table!

As the importance of organic farming is at constant growth, Furnirussi Tenuta has also expanded their garden focusing on cultivating fresh seasonal veggies that also include datterino tomatoes that is a rare and delicious specie. Moreover, as of this year they are beginning to produce their own organic extra virgin olive oil. As already mentioned that Furnirussi Tenuta is part of the C&H collection, this being no surprise with their fresh flare on traditional Salento cooking that is beautifully combined with modern creativity. Savouring seasonal produce where the chef strictly cooks from their own fields or within support from the local community is a vital element in this artistic kitchen.


‘Resort Life’
“Sometimes all a place needs to wow is one standout feature. Here, it’s a gorgeously landscaped swimming pool that is more like a small lake”. With the words of CN traveller, it all begins with the glorious pool, a therapeutic factor that was a highlight of our holiday. It is made from marble powder and is 1000mq in size and is certified with a patent in bio design making it completely organic. The resort also offers a spa with treatments with Essential oils, stones and yoga therapies and a possibility to run in between the fig trees on the running track.
Furnirussi Tenuta is a smoothing contemporary retreat that has 24 spacious suites ranging from 65 to 100 mq each spilling out into a private garden or terrace giving each guest a little nook of Puglian charm. The inviting large beds with soft sheets, luxuriously appointed bathrooms are a well-rounded recipe for pure indulgence. The rooms are surrounded with a mediterranean-esq garden with lavender, rosemary, a variety of mint, camomile, olive trees blooming all around you. For a overall experience the resort offers regular transfers if you are keen on exploring the surroundings to a palm-fringed beach to soak in the azure waters or a yacht excursion or a cooking class. It is possible to visit the nearby coastlines, such as Otranto or the beautiful olive groves in the village of Salento.
All in all, it really is about that Italian simplicity and lifestyle and here at Furnirussi Tenuta, you feel blessed in the heart of it all…


Enjoy a visual tour:  https://vimeo.com/118821584
Find website details here


“Staycation” – Gant Rugger Women SS15

rugger (1 of 1)

*in collaboration with Gant Rugger

‘It is all about the staycation’- No need to go anywhere, the SS15 collection will bring the holiday to you!

With this mindset, yesterday´s Gant Rugger Women’s launch party was all about introducing the collection to our markets. Right off the bat, my first impressions were “this is right up my ally” as there is a mix of East coast Ivy style with casual relaxed elements. There is a humble degree of effortless chic, a preppy Hampton look with some urban coolness. A definite appreciation for that New york- kind of city life! Rugger reinterprets the Ivy-style without losing its soul and flair for history, yet it is modern, clean-cut cool, young and ready to make a statement in Finland!

Now, if you already haven’t heard of the phenomenon #girlsingantrugger that exploded in NY, it is time you become on board with the trend! A lot of women used to shop at Gant rugger’s menswear in the NY store, where they were combining washed-out denim boyfriend jeans, high heels and loose knits creating flawless looks. This trend was followed by a blog post using #girlsingantrugger that sparked other women to use the hashtag and post online pictures of similar outfits. Once social media was onboard, the concept spread sparking Filippa Hallstensson, Head of Design, Gant Rugger to create a women’s collection.

A rugger women is a sophisticated woman in her late twenties who is well-traveled, prefers chic city locations rather than sunny beaches. She also loves interior design, art, aricitecture, good books and carries herself with poise but does not mind getting her perfectly manicured nails in dirt! She is a confident woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it! How can you not love this ideology? I suppose a rugger women is what we all strive to be, so lets start with the wardrobe!

“This summer, there’ll be no need to haul out that suitcase. The vacation comes to you. Take the time to explore the incredible sights of NYC, and we’ll sort you of with the perfect wardrobe to do so. Soak up some sun by the pool, or stroll across the famous Williamsburg bridge. Fall in love with home. Ripped-knee jeans paired with our silk camisoles work together as a killer contrast combo for a day about town, or throw on a lightweight knit and show off your layering game. We’ve perfected the balance between playful tomboy and urban femme fatale look, offering a line-up of styles from a perfect cut blazer to a set of silk and shiny pieces. All the perfect pieces for the perfect staycation wardrobe. ” – Gant Rugger Women


“There won’t be a grand vacation this year, Spring ’15 is an homage to “the summer in the city”. Its a staycation.

As the evening rolls smoothly, guests enjoy delicious finger foods (catered by Kolmas Linja) from tuna carpaccio to Asian style seared beef to a mouth-watering pannacotta. The bubbly was flowing with little gold flakes in the bottom of each glass, while the band, Brandon was setting the mood with their funky beats. Meanwhile, the L’OCCITANE station was giving out relaxing hand massages as the crowd was social and hungry to see the new products. You could tell the women were excited about the new pieces, not only by the lengthy line to the dressing room but also from the positive responses. The fabric of every piece was just so incredible, I honestly could not have been more impressed!

” She’s into detail and quality without any fuss”

I particularly loved the lace shorts and matching blouse. They were heavy, embroidered beautifully (see middle photo below) with tiny details, something I could totally see myself in. There also was a lightweight blooming bomber jacket (see right picture below) made from super soft twill fabric that was a crowd pleaser and a darling flower kimono that needs to be your partner in crime at poolside this summer! There were worn in Oxford shirts, easy tees, pastel pleads and nautical inspired knits. Overall, the look is feminine and classic with a masculine somewhat modern twist. The collection keeps that warm weather wardrobe as playful as possible perfect for all your dreamy summer adventures. So ladies, begin saving up as this is something we all need in our wardrobes!

 In Finland, find Gant Rugger Women in Gant stores in Kamppi, Galleria Esplanad, Turku and  the BomeR store in Sello.



La Matta, A Vision Beyond Fashion

La Matta

*In collaboration with La Matta*

As I step into this trendy womens boutique in the heart of Helsinki, large candles are lite and a cup of tea with a freshly baked brownie awaits for me on a sleek counter. My wandering eye spots glimpses of fur, oversized knits and colourful scarves and an instant excitment rushes over me. I’m surrounded with graceful glamour and effortless chicness, what La matta’s F/W collection represents.

La Matta has made an imprint for over 25 years with it’s Italian and Spanish fashion and developed a loyal customer basis.  “We wrap our customers in cashmere all year around” states Maria and really the classic cashmere knits have become a bit of a trademark.  Moreover, the product line ranges from shoes, clothing to accessories with brands such as Pollini, Coccinelle, Balldini and many more. For more information view their homepage from here.

A Vision Beyond Fashion… and why do I say this? I believe behind these La Matta ladies lies an empowering fashionista that exerts personality and together they form a collaborated mix of style. Products are carefully chosen to suit the stores demands where influence spirals at global lengths and therefore a real infusion of trend and street style. So, I feel there is a story and feeling behind these garments and a holistic visual sense that falls beyond fashion.

A sale is starting on Monday 02.12.2013- 31.12.2013 and products are even up to a -50% discount. A perfect place to find a thoughtful quality Christmas gift or a new outfit for an upcoming holiday party.

New Year, New Changes

The reason for this upcoming sale is because the store is closing and going under construction in January and re-opening in April with a fresh new look. Now, I don’t want to reveal too much of the new store, but let me tell you this, it will expand a great deal and get more product variety. There will also be an interior corner and a little bar that serves espresso and champagne for its customers. I simply cannot wait for the new opening as I know it will become one of the most stylish stores in town. I’ve seen hints of the new floor plan and I have all the trust it will be a modern gem. I will get back to you on this when the event is more current.

La Matta1
Bracelets/ Coccinelle & Stylesnob
La Matta4
Scarf/ Pollini, Bracelets/ Syster P, Slippers/Pretty Loafers, Necklace/ Anna v. Hellens/

/ *Yhteistyössä La Mattan kanssa*

Astun trendikkääseen naistenvaateputiikkiin Helsingin sydämessä… isot kynttilät valaisevat talvisen päivän, kuuma tee ja itse leivottu brownie odottavat minua saapuessani liikkeeseen. Silmäni vaeltaa ympäri La Mattan tiloja ja huomaan heti villaneuleet, välähdykset karvasta ja värikkäät huivit. Minua ympäröi graceful glamour ja effortless chicness, se mitä La Mattan syksy- ja talvimallisto edustaa.

La Matta on ansainnut paikkansa Helsingissä 25 vuoden ajan toiminnallaan ja saannut lojaalin asiakaskunnan. ” We wrap our customers in cashmere all year around” pohtii Maria ja juuri näistä klassisista cashmereista on muodostunut liikkeen tavaramerkki. Tuotteisiin kuuluu kenkiä, vaatteita ja asusteita, paljon Italialaista ja Espanjalaista esimerkiksi Pollini, Coccinelle, Baldinini ja paljon muuta. Lisätietoa saat heidän kotisivuiltaan, jonka löydät tästä. Tuotteet ovat valittu tyylillä ja kokonaisuus on hyvin monipuolinen.

A vision beyond fashion… ja miksi sanon näin? Uskon että jokaisessa La Mattan myyjässä piileksii tietynlainen fashionista, joka hehkuu vahvuutta, tyylitajua ja yhdessä myyjät tekevät persoonallisia muoti oivalluksia. Rakastan miten jokainen tuote on valittu liikkeen kokonaisuutta ajatellen ja inspiraation lähde on universaali.  Tämä tekee tuotteista hyvin mielenkiintoisia ja  trendikkäitä.  La Mattan tuotteilla on aina oma tarinansa  ja tämä tekee putiikista ainutlaatuisen helmen. Visuaalinen silmä on täällä kohdallaan.

Alennusmyynti alkaa Maanantaina 02.12.2013 ja loppuu uudenvuoden aattona 31.12.2013, tuotteet ovat jopa -50% alennuksessa. Tartu tilaisuuteen, sillä nyt on mahdollisuus etsiä laadukasta joululahjaa tai asua tuleviin pikkujouluihin!

Uusi Vuosi, Uudet Kujeet

Liike sulkeutuu heti tammikuussa 2014 ja aavaa uudistuneena huhtikuussa. Putiikki kokee muodonmuutoksen ja tämä on syy tulevaan alennusmyyntiin. La Matta laajenee huikeasti ja tuotemäärä kasvaa. Liikkeeseen tulee myös sisustuspuoli ja tyylikäs baari, josta henkilökunta tarjoilee asiakkaille samppanjaa ja espressoa. En malta odottaa uudistusta, sillä näin vilauksen pohjapiirustuksesta. Tulen lähemmin kertomaan lisää avajaisista, kun tapahtuma on ajankohtainen.

La Matta8
Grey fox fur & Beige Racoon & Rabbit fur/ Style Butler, Blouse/ Kristina Ti, Jeggings/ Seven for All Man Kind, RIng/ Syster P, Heals/ A. Zago, Purse/ Pollini

My Favourite Picks

My three favourite looks ranged in variety from a more dressy look to a causal relaxed style. These outfit choices portray the product variety so every woman is bound to find something for themselves. I know I certainly did.. My first chic look is this dazzling oversized fur vest. It speaks for itself so I paired it with tight black jeggings and a simple fresh silk blouse.  High heels and a chanel esque purse by Pollini and as for jewelry,  a large ring and an oriental-style necklace.

The second look is a sophisticated everyday outfit, with relaxed denim, splashes of petrol blue and classic high heels. The jeans have stud detailing while the layered bracelets have skulls and crosses and an intense similarity to the iconic Hermes kelly-bracelet. I loved the light green one.

The final look reflected a practical sporty style very useful for our nordic conditions. I instantly spotted this navy down-jacket, its fresh and simple with a Scandinavian vibe to it. My feet were wrapped in soft lambs wool boots and to be honest prefered keeping them on all day long! A large oversized scarf and beanie made this outfit so cute and totally winter-ready.

La Matta11
Scarf/ FTC, Clutch/ Coccinelle , Heals/ La Matta, Jeans/ Mos Mosh, Bracelets/ Stylesnob, Blouse/Seventy


Valitsin kolme lempiasua, juhlavasta aina rennompaan tyyliin. Näistä vaatteista saa kuvan valikoiman laajuudesta, josta jokainen nainen varmasti löytää oman tyylinsä. Ensimmäinen asu koostuu muhkeasta turkkiliivistä, joka on halutuin tuote syksy-talviaikaan. Tiukat pillithousut ja raikas valkoinen silkkipusero antaa keveyttä tähän.  Chanelmainen laukku, korkeat korot ja oriental- tyylinen koru. Asukokonaisuus antoi ryhtiä ja tunsin itseni naiselliseksi. Niin ja pakko sanoa La Mattan kengistä, joita olen ostanut jo monta paria! Ne ovat todella hyvän laatuisia ja pitkäkestoisia, esim. minun Calpierre ratsastus nilkkurit ovat myös täältä.

Seuraava tyylikäs arkiasu muodostui juhlavasta silkistä ja rennoista farkusta.  Petrolin-sininen huivi ja kotelolaukku, rönsyileviä koruja ja piikkarit. Farkuntaskuista löytyy nastoja ja koruista pääkalloja sekä ikoonisia Hermes-tyylisiä kelly-lukkoja. Niin ja Hermeksestä puheen ollen, tässä välissä minulle tarjoiltiin pastilli söpöstä pikku Hermes-rasiasta…hehe tyylikkyys menee täällä pastelleihin asti.

Lopuksi käytännöllinen ja raikas ulkoasua, jossa on skandinaavista selkeyttä. Jalassani on pehmeät lampaankarvasaappaat  ja yllä sininen untuvatakki, joka pisti silmääni heti alussa.  Kaulan ympärille käärin muhkean huivin ja päähän laitoin saman värisen pipon, näin olin valmis suomen talveen.

La Matta17

La Matta13
Parka Jacket/Peuterey, Down Jacket/Seventy, Scar &, beanie/ FTC, boots/ Zamagni

A shopping delight at BomeR.


*In Collaboration with BomeR*

I had the opportunity to collaborate with a new store BomeR located in shopping centre Sello on the second floor. The cozy and intimate setting has a beautiful staff and holds Gant Rugger for men and Boomerang for both men and women. The official opening party is all day this Thursday on the 31.10.2013 where all normal priced products have a -15% discount. You can shop, have coffee and eat your cake too while looking at the new fall collections.

Simple & Elegant

The Swedish brand Boomerang F/W collection was right up my ally. It inspires from a weekend in the Fjords, a Nordic coastal village with simple elegance and a feeling of quality.  The classic collection plays with pattern and has a fulfilling colour palette, a definite hint of Scandinavian. I  loved the ultra light down jackets that keeps overflowing in street fashion this fall.

The men’s collection is modern and detailed with an European flair to it. Gant Rugger is relaxed and youthful, upstate “chill” as they say and Boomerang is effortlessly preppy. I would dress my man in all these garments and will surely be coming back during the holiday season. There were lots of fun accessories (watches, scarves, boxers, socks etc) that would make perfect gift ideas.

Opening Hours

  • Mon-Fri 10-21
  • Sat 9-18
  • Sun 12-18



*Yhteistyössä BomeRin kanssa*

/ Kävin tutustumassa uuteen hurmaavaan BomeR myymälään, mikä sijaitsee kauppakeskus Sellossa 2. kerroksessa. Upeasta ja tunnelmallisesta myymälästä ei ainoastaan löydy kauniita myyjiä, mutta myös laadukkaita ja trendikkäitä vaatteita. BomeRilta löydät Gant Rugger miesten malliston, sekä Boomerang mallistot miehille ja naisille. Torstaina 31.10.2013 on liikkeen viralliset avajaiset klo 10-21, jonka aikana on tarjolla kakkukahvit ja kaikista normihintaisista tuotteista saa –15% alennuksen. Avajaisiin kannattaa ehdottomasti ottaa osaa, koska sieltä löytyy jokaiselle ihania syyslöytöjä, joita ei muualta saa.

Rennon tyylikästä

Naisten Boomerangin syksymallisto on niin makuuni. Se on klassinen, mistä löytyy täyteläinen värimaailma täynnä tekstuuria. Vaatteissa tihkuu Skandinaavillisuus ja inspiraatio lähde on idyllinen Fjordin rannikkokylä, missä tyylikäs yksinkertaisuus puhuu itsestään. Mallistossa oli myös ihania Down- toppatakkeja, mikä valtaa katukuvia ympäri Eurooppaa.

Miesten mallisto oli moderni, täynnä yksityiskohtia ja eurooppalaista tyylikkyyttä. Gant Rugger on rento “upstate chill” -tyylinen, mikä on tyköistuvaa ja siinä käytetään paljon kulutettua materiaalia ja väriä. Boomerangilta löytyy merihenkisiä neuleita, takkeja ja klassisia leikkauksia, missä on kuitenkin omaperäistä hauskuutta. BomeRista löytyy hyviä joululahja ideoita, (sukkia, boksereita, huiveja, kelloja ym.) oma miehenikin ihastui heti tuotteisiin. Eli taidanpa suunnata takaisin lähempänä joulua!


  • ma-pe 10-21
  • la 9-18
  • su 12-18


My Favourite Picks

I was automatically drawn to the flowy sifon/ silk tops and tunics that happen to be in my favourite colours, lots of navy and crisp white. Oh and the dress I’m holding in the picture below is filled with cute little stars…totally daring! I also loved the neon orange down jacket, fitted dress shirts and casual knits, all practical and stylish for fall. The materials felt good on and the products had a refined finish to them.

/ Ehdoton lempituotteeni olivat suoralinjaiset silkki ja sifonki paidat, rentoa ja tyylikästä, mitkä sopivat joka tilanteeseen. Ihania tummansinisiä lettineuleita, isoja huiveja ja istuvia kauluspaitoja ja kevyitä syystoppatakkeja. Myös tämä valkoinen Boomerang paita (alla oleva kuva) on yksinkertaisen raikas ja juuri sellainen mistä pidän, ehdoton ykkönen!  kädessäni on ihana tähtimekko, mikä on niin suloinen!





For the Men

and of course not forgetting about our men…

As we are all well aware of my nautical obsession, it came as no surprise that my favourite mens outfit choice is this Boomerang blazer. It has a nice fitted cut and is marine inspired (picture below) with golden buttons. I also love the colourful socks, silk scarves and ties as with these fun accessories you can make the outfit look your own.

/ Muutenkin rakastan kaikkea merihenkistä niin ei tullut yllätyksenä, että lempituotteeni oli Boomerangin tummansinen blazeri (kuva alla) missä on kultanapit hihassa. Se istuu hyvin päällä ja leikkaus on tosi tyylikäs, takki oli myös mieheni mieleen. Niin ja pakko vielä mainita Ruggerin värikkäistä sukista, solmioista ja silkkihuiveista, ne ovat ihan loistavia lisukkeita asusteisiin, mistä saa rakennettua tyylikkäitä ja omannäköisiä kokonaisuuksia.




So… cancel that Thursday schedule and have a great shopping spree!