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Montefalco is a cozy culinary town that is dedicated to good restaurants and quality wines just like most of Umbria’s little towns. I have visited Montefalco 3 years in a row and from that I have drawn a mouth-watering guide to our favourite restaurants.

First of all, Montefalco is a great base for a few nights. It’s easy in terms of parking if you are traveling with car and it makes a great base for exploring its neighbouring photogenic towns. Secondly, the town is tiny but it has a wonderful safe feeling to it and the cobbled streets fill with wine/olive oil/pate shops while the remaining spaces fill with restaurants. Umbria is known for its meat culture, cold cuts, intense olive oil and full-bodied sagrantino wines that leave an elegant finish to the palette. Like tannins? Good, the wine is for you! Our favourite rosso riserva from the region is Pipparello, that is a full-bodied delight with a zing of bitter in the end. This wine works perfectly with mushrooms, truffles and meat. It resembles a bit of a barolo wine, which is why we love it so much. The drive across acres of olive groves and vineyards to Montelfaco is beautiful as it exists on hillside in the centre of Perugia.  Often refered as to the “balcony of Umbria” because of its perched position of lush countryside, Montefalco is still authentic in style, where life is slow, elegant, based around its culinary delights. Below I’ve highlighted our favourite three restaurants that all serve outstanding food. Before dinner, be sure to sit in a corner wine bar on the piazza and listen to music, sample on cold cuts, olive oil bruschetta and have a glass of wine and enjoy the beauty of refined Montefalco.

Before dinner or lunch, have a scenic stroll around the medieval old town and fall in love with the area just like we did. It’s ultra photogenic and romantic, the church bells sing every hour and the narrow pebble streets line the lavender and hydrangea pots. Walk around the town and smell the most divine aromas from kitchens and make sure to capture sunset over the rolling Umbrian hills from the road right next to ristorante Teatro.

‘Top 3 restaurants’

1. Ristorante Locanda del Teatro (19, Piazza del Comune,)

Located in the hotel on the main square, cozy up in the courtyard terrace with the views of the sun setting. This is a top choice for us and I basically always order the same thing on the menu. I start with the chicken pistachio pate, then for a stuffed ricotta zucchini flower and for main, their speciality the meat loaf made from numerous meats. Also try the homemade stringozzi, topped with freshly shaved truffles! it’s a family run business and the father and sons remember us every time we revisit.

2. Ristorante Coccorone ( Via Tempestivi, 11)

A meat lovers restaurant. My husband always talks about the open flamed char grill and the + 1kg florentine steak they serve. The simple ingredients speak for themselves. I love the beef carpaccio or tartar and steak (t bone) served with porcini on top.

3. L’ Alchimista (Piazza del Comune 14)

This cozy restaurant also focuses on seasonal food and I remember in September, I sampled a variety of onions that come from the region. This restaurant also is a wine bar so you can get dishes from antipasti to full meals. Their tartar is also splendid and the take on onion soup was amazing.

Pre dinner prosecco and cold cuts on the corner of the square. Read more about antipasti in Montefalco here.

montefalco dress1 (1 of 1)

chicken liver pistachio pate in Teatro and below, snail skewers in Coccorone


Then wild looking meat loaf, but I promise you.. it’s the best I’ve had! Below, is a welcome burrata ball from the kitchen.

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Below, the tartar from Coccorone

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Wind Blown in Montefalco

Montefalco, Umbria

Dressed like this, today Mr. N and I are going to a wedding! These pictures are taken in June from a small town in Montefalco that happens to be one of our favourite in Umbria. I’m literally obsessed with this floral suede robe that suits the blue dress to the tee and I love the way this outfit moves with the wind. The oversized sleeves and forest green lining are everything and match perfectly with these mixed blues. I also like the long-over-long overlapping as it elongates my posture, especially when wearing heels. In Italy, I used a fair amount of different robes/kimonos in the evenings as they are light and suit almost anything adding a little something extra to the style.




Paisley in Montefalco


Montefalco, Umbria

A place that is dear to my husband and I, Montefalco is a lovely cozy town in Umbria that I’ve talked about before. Home to some of our all time restaurants, this tiny town is as cute as these little cobble stones beneath my ballerinas. I love the short oversized sleeves to this top, the boho tassels and of course the wild colour palette.




Wine lovers Montefalco


Elegant Italian Simplicity

Just on top of the hill exists a small town located in the heart of Umbria just across the Spoleto valley. Montefalco is all about wine and olive oil, that slow lifestyle where its ancient stone buildings, amazing restaurants, cobbled streets, preserved medieval architecture are sights to treasure. As you pass in through the large gate, the streets of Montefalco rise up a 50 meter walk that opens up to the centre of town called Piazza del Comune or della Repubblica that translates to crowns the hill. As you walk up the street, you pass about ten little food and wine stores and little wine bars that serve local delicacies. The pigeons rest at the water fountain while the pale yellow colour of the walls illuminate a warm golden colour as the sun moves across the maze like streets. There is beauty during all times of the day.

This hill town provides some of the best scenic views of the lush Umbrian landscape that overlooks vineyards, olive groves, stunning orchards and the beauty of the Italian nature. We stayed 2 nights here, it is a good amount as the place is so small. During the day we explored nearby towns, such as Spello, Assisi etc and in the evening we enjoyed Montefalco’s cuisine and cute wine bars. We loved it here, less touristy and a feeling of quiet serenity. Locals are stylish, food and wine enthusiasts and if I would describe this town, I would call it romantic and elegant where the friendly locals are proud of their heritage.

Needless to say, we loved the restaurants and local wines. The region is known for its delectable Sagrantino, Passito and Secco wine. Sagrantino was my favourite that is planted in the region creating bold, earthy dry that suits perfectly with strong cheeses like pecorino, black truffle and meat-based dishes. I would defiantly suggest 2 restaurants here, a meat lovers place called Coccorone and another spectacular restaurant called Locanda del Teatro. At Coccorone, make sure to order the carpaccio and the Fiorentina steak that is cooked in an open fire for you to see. At Teatro, make sure to sit outside in the backyard listening the church bells and try the homemade rustic pistachio pate and the house special meatloaf. Both restaurants were spectacular and a must in Montefalco… we are for sure going back next year!

Restraunt tip

Locanda del Teatro (Piazza del Comune, 19) It is located right in the centre square in the hotel Palazzo Bontadosi

Ristorante Coccorone (L.go Tempestivi, 11)