Caviar, Oysters & Pink walls

A day spent in the fortress of Suomenlinna

A morning that starts with caviar toast with a soft-boiled egg infused with truffle oil is one that works for me. My friend and I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and start the day in the city centre harbour by having breakfast in Finlandia caviar. We sampled on french fin de claire oysters and Siberian sturgeon caviar with a glass of bubbly to celebrate the spontaneous summer friday.

After we took the ferry over to the fortress of Suomenlinna that was built in the second half of the 18th century that is at the entrance of Helsinki’s harbour. With its idyllic atmosphere, old buildings, hobbit like hills, cobbled stone pathways and little cafes/restaurants, the island has a lot to offer for a peaceful day. We stopped at my favourite courtyard restaurant that is in the right side of the harbour as you step off the boat that draws me in with its light pink walls. The building looks very southern france, where the muted pink hues make the perfect backdrop for any possible outfit photo. We again nibbled on more food, this time though a toast skagen and a shared cheese platter and sat in the sunshine talking about this and that.

Our day was consumed of walking around the island admiring the calming atmosphere and beautiful old architecture. We stopped at a few places for coffee and bubbly,  picked a few wildflowers, sat by the sea and watched the old wooden sailboats sail by. We had the perfect day and my floral blue blouse and ruffle maxi was the perfect choice for this day!








Seaside Sunday

Lunching at HSS Boathouse

Today my girlfriends and I decided to take advantage of the heatwave and jumped on a boat to have lunch at HSS boathouse (see more here). I slipped into an openback maxi, took my panama hat and packed my wicker basket and headed to the harbour. Is there anything more relaxing than sitting by the water and listening to the sound of waves? With the horizon filled with stunning sailboats and seagulls flying low as they try to catch fish, we enjoy the calmness that the sea offers us. We sipped on some rosé, enjoyed some delicious lunch and after we sunbathed on the rocks for numerous hours. I think we spent over six hours on the island, where our souls were surrounded with the most beautiful archipelago style setting with of course not forgetting about the amazing company.



Gone to Hanko for the Day.

Hanko, Finland

We have turned our annual Hanko trip with my hubby into a bit of a birthday tradition, that I love every single time. Thankfully the weather always seems to be good so we can enjoy a scandi style fish lunch outside and have frozen yogurt for dessert on the pier. After  we walk around enjoying the beautiful Scandinavian scenery, play with Bella on the beach before driving back home. On Saturday I had a super fun get together with my ladies that is always a blast and tomorrow it’s tim to head off to Italy!

All white for Date night


Nautical vibes

…and then it went, the sweetest date night my man had organized. Mr. N surprised we with a pampering session for hair and makeup before having dinner at boat club Njk, an island off Helsinki and the same island we are having our wedding on. It felt luxuries and relaxing to sip on bubbly and get my mind off from the wedding. Our evening continued with a view out to the sea and of our wedding venue and a delicious Scandinavian style food. For dessert we shared a cheese platter and took a night stroll around the wedding venue to see what it looked like in that light. I’m wearing an all white look, an elegant pleaded dress and a white embroidered blouse and my hair was twisted into a bohemian style messy bun. The eyes have a bit more smokiness to them than usual, but it’s still quite fresh with the overall look. Ps. Don’t you just love the little narrow boat sailboat behind me?

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Gone to Hanko in Blue & White


hanko3 (1 of 1)

Blue and white stripes represent the essence of nordic summers to a tee; the freshness of the colour and the archipelago vibes it reflects. Last week, Mr. N and I took a day trip to Hanko to escape the hassle of the city. The weather was beautifully sunny and we enjoyed some typical Scandinavian seafood on a terrace and had some frozen yogurt for dessert on a pier watching the boats drift by. Hanko is a lovely summer town with charming old wooden houses and cute little nautical style shops.  My favourite thing about this dress is the style of the back and the deep relaxed pockets in the front. The dress has a very nordic element to it, its simple but interesting. 

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Nautical Chic.

seaside (1 of 1)
bag. gucci/ silver fox fur. gemmi/knit. saint james/ pants. gina t/ boots. zara

For our 7 year anniversary we decided to go back to restaurant Saari located on a cute island, since we had our first date there. It never seems to disappoint, the archipelago atmosphere is so special every time. (read more here about the restaurant) Once you are surrounded with the open sea, it gives you a feeling of serenity and calmness, the waves crashing on the rocks are just beautiful and therapeutic. Since it is always chiller at open sea, I wrapped myself in silver fox fur and a casual nautical saint james knit. I love the braids on the sides and the matt jean really pops out the eyes. We had a great seaside style dinner



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Tea time, Italian Riviera


morning tea in italy1 (1 of 1)

‘tea time & preppy vibes in Rapallo’

That moment when you can stop & slow down. After a busy morning of exploring and pure wanderlust, it feels great to pause for a brief moment and enjoy a large cup of tea and its blissful surroundings. Finding that good cup of tea is quite rare in Italy, as they are more of the coffee type! But when you do find it, the decadent taste of earl grey with milk lingers down my throat and it feels like heaven! We stayed at this old manner in the Italian Riviera, I loved its creaky old floors, high ceilings and bits of antique here and there. This manner suits a slightly more preppy choice of wardrobe, so I went for the timeless linen dress and pulled my hair into a somewhat tight bun. I absolutely love the dark blue lining for some sharpness along with the waist band to create a bit of silhouette. The dress has a nautical feeling to it, it is elegant and classic, just perfect for the Riviera. Ps. look at the amazing sunlight passing through the overly large windows, quite gorgeous to stand behind it overlooking the rose bushes in the backyard! 


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stripes (1 of 1) stripes1 (1 of 1)

Hi lovely readers! How are you all doing? I’m off to Nice tomorrow and I have still so much to do. Meanwhile, I wanted to share this outfit post on a simple summer look. This loose striped blouse is an easy outfit choice during summer days. The thick blue and white lines is an elongating pattern and the blouse literally goes with anytime. The colour is fresh and has a bit of a nautical touch to it, but not too much.  I’ve paired it with blue wax jeans that is a classic combination, but it also works with leather, distressed jeans or tucked into a maxi.

Navy & Camel

beige & blue (1 of 1)
Fur Vest/ WILD, pants & blouse/ Zara, felt hat/ Monki, ankle boots/ Calpierre

Spring walk with a sea view

A fur vest is a great accessory for spring time in any nordic country, as it is still a little chilly at times, but your so done with large parka’s that have been pushed to the back off your closests! With a bit of wind in the spring air, a warm fur vest makes a practical yet stylish wardrobe choice at any given time. From day to night, a little fur goes a long way. I love the length of this vest, the deep pockets and natural colouring of the fox. As mentioned before, the vest is made from Finnish fox and is completely ethical. The vest is very versatile, it practically goes with anything giving a causal outfit a bit of fashionable spunk.

Along with the fur, I’m wearing a navy blue blouse that is scattered with tiny anchors and fitted navy jeans. The blouse is shorter from the front so it alos drapes nicely with jeans or a maxi skirt. The petrol blue ankle boots and a camel coloured felt fedora complete this easy Monday look. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Nautical Beach Wear in Italy

nautical bikini

By the sea in Italy, Monopoli

Yet again, the nautical theme is making its way back to spring fashion so I wanted to share this moment from Monopoli Italy. Sometimes when you are on holiday, it is important to dress in layers so you are prepared for different situations and do not need to run back to the hotel all the time. I find a maxi very convenient and easygoing as it adapts to the surroundings quite well! Underneath my top, I’m wearing a blue and white stripe bikini that came in handy when Mr. N and I stopped to admire the sea view. We sat on the rocks for a while catching the warm rays and once we went for lunch I through on a loose silk blouse and a long thin chain. The beach look changed into a chic lunch attire in just a minute. I really love the combination of a maxi and a bikini and these blue tones merge together fabulously suiting the vibes of this coastal town.

/ Merihenkinen tunnelma Monopolissa

nautical bikini1