White Ruffles, Parisian Buildings & Crab Lunches

A girls guide to a relaxing day in Paris in the heart of Saint Germain…

The courtyard of the Ralph Lauren house (173 Boulevard) in Saint Germain is beautiful with its blue and white pillows and country-esq details. I could sip tea from these flower cups all day long, but because of the intense heat wave, my friend and I decided to walk around the dreamy neighbourhood and breathe it the rooftop views and call dips on the balcony you wished to own! I can’t get enough of little perfume shops and bakeries that have the most inviting window displays. This boho style ruffle dress has been a summer favourite this year, I love the flower embroidery, high neck line, layered ruffles and the slight baby doll draping it has. This dress is casual and elegant both at the same time and works great from simple day time tea to a fancier crab lunch with my girls!

If you’re strolling around 11 rue de Buci on Saint Germain, stop for a delicious seafood platter in L’Atlas. Do not hesitate, even though the place looks a bit like a touristic trap, you will be positively surprised if you order the classic moules marinières that are served in rustic copper pots with traditional fries, whole juicy crabs, oysters and other seafood. The lively atmosphere was a perfect place to stop with a bunch of my girlfriends as you sit right by the street, people watch and feel the buzz of Paris all in hub of Saint Germain.

Just look at these crabs, little shops and beautiful streets of Paris…

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A Chic Girls Guide to Paris.

Finding the picture perfect Paris

Paris is a beautiful city to explore with your girlfriends; the language, culture, and the buildings all create a mesmerizing experience. The capital of art, fashion and free love, Paris can easily turn into a cliché tourist trap but by taking the right route, the cozy streets are decadent with the right amount of Parisian flair. I always hear mixed things about Paris, you either love it or hate it. I personally love it, but understand the ones that don’t as with any major cities, it has its flaws. I thought I would share quick seven step guide to get you started with some of my favourite insta-worthy places just in case you are planning a girls trip there soon!

To gain the ultimate Parisian experience, I would suggest booking a hotel room with a balcony so you can watch and hear the city life pass by. You can breath in the feeling of the city as you sip of your morning coffee or relaxing over a glass of champagne while you’re getting ready for dinner. If a hotel room is not an option, there is a lot of variety in airbnb apartments that are also more budget friendly. My friend and I stayed in Hotel Montaigne, that is located in my favourite safe neighbourhood where our room had a cute little balcony, a bathtub and views to avenue Montaigne.


  1. Seafood in Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Saint Germain is one of my favourite areas in Paris nestled in the heart of the 6th arrondissement. This chic and trendy neighborhood fills with cozy cafés (café de flore, Ralph Lauren House), book shops, art galleries and has been a big place for Parisian intellectual life. There are lots of restaurants, wine bars that serve appetizers, pastry shops that come alive in the evenings as you walk down the corner of boulevard Saint-Germain and rue Bonaparte where the church Abbey of Saint-Germain stands. Ps. Since you are close by, make sure to stop at Le Bon Marché (24 rue de Sèvres, Paris 7th arrondissement), that is the prettiest luxury department store in Paris with the famous black and white escalators.

Stop at the trendy seafood bar for fresh Oysters at Huitrerie Regis on 3 Rue de Montfaucon (read more here) and stop for crabs and Moules Marinières while people watching in L’ Atlas on the busy 11 rue de Buci.


2. Morning Croissants Île Saint-Louis

Stepping away from the city rush, the quaint oasis of Île Saint-Louis is just a few steps away in the 4th arrondissement. I love the 17th century architecture with petrol blue detailing, wrought iron balconies, stone doorways and the views of both the right and left banks. Stop at Café Saint-Régis on 6 Rue Jean du Bellay for a delicious frothy cappuccino, croissants and boiled eggs and feel the calmness the area has to offer. Read more here


3. Flower shape ice-cream & Pastel doors in Le Marais

Le Marais that is often refered to as “old Paris” is a neighbourhood to get lost in. Not only being one of the oldest areas in Paris, it holds the charm of a bygone where the small alleys fill with vintage shops, art galleries, boutiques, bakeries and cocktail bars.

Explore the artistic vibes from the Picasso museum to the vintage boutiques and stop for an apperitif in one of the busy corner cafes. Enjoy a flower shaped ice-cream with a macaron on top in the quite garden of Jardin des Roseirs (read more here)


4. Slow Lunches & wine at Hotel Costes & L’ avenue

You can easily dress in your finest outfit and blend right into the crowd when you step into either of the restaurants. Surround yourself with beautiful people where the staff look like models and the food and ambience is fabulous. Have a luxurious lunch in the heart of the shopping area on avenue Montaigne right opposite of Dior where you can sit outside and watch Parisians most chic stroll by as they shop in the designer boutiques. This became our go to spot as we lived in Hotel Montaigne on the same street and it was comfortable walking here with high heels for some delicious escargot, tuna tartare and foi gras.

The courtyard of Hotel Costes was another one of our favourite spots that gathered a crowd of younger and older people where the common denominator was great quirky style. Hotel Costes has a great moody Parisian interior where the atmosphere is lively and on point. It’s a great place to stop for wine in the evenings as well.



5. Morning stroll down Rue Cler

Pass by the morning market and buy a bouquet of peonies and picnic material from cheeses to pastries and enjoy fresh caramel eclairs at cafe L’ Eclair. Read more here. Not only are you in peonie heaven here but this street is a local favourite especially on the weekends.


6. Get lost in Palais Royal

The quintessential Parisian garden is more hidden from tourists as it is not obviously exposed making it quite the gem. Meanwhile, the black and white striped courtyard (cour d’honneur) of the palace is a beautiful place to get lost in before it fills with masses of people all wanting to take the next insta-photo. I close my eyes and smell the large austin roses that burst with a hint of sweet myrrh. These bushes lay right next to the palace that are all facing upwards to take in the warm sun. A pigeon rests on the head of the statue and a few people sit on the side benches enjoying the views of the garden that is an endless row of perfectly manicured trees. We spot a jewish wedding shoot taking place and admire the peaceful haven in the middle of the city. I stroll through the palace in a ruffled shirt and ripped jeans that allow the fishnets to be exposed from the rips and ankles. The quirky style suits the mood of Palais Royal, untraditional in a way, what Paris fashion is all about. (read more here)


7. Sunset at the Eiffel tower

Make sure to indulge in your favourite Parisian pastries under the Eiffel tower as the golden sky lights up the park with your girls. We nibbled on a selection of colourful pastries from pierre Hermé macarons to tarts, eclairs and rosé and enjoyed the warming rays that shinned through the holes of the tower. (Read more here) Ps. if your into getting pictures of the Eiffel tower, I would suggest an early morning stop at the stairs of Trocadero for the best views.

Ps. I would have wanted to watch the sunset of the city over from Printemps department stores top floor but unfortunately it was under construction during our stay. So if you are looking for a bird’s eye view of the rooftops and the city, I would suggest you do that!




Strolling down Rue Cler

Paris, France

As the buckles from my ankle boots jingle from every step, my silky turquoise floral robe flaps behind as a gush of wind hits my face as we stroll down the street of Rue Cler. One morning we decided to head here for breakfast as I scouted a little cute cafe (L’ Eclair) for us back from home. The terrace was filled with locals having their morning cigarette, black coffee and jammed toast and along the street workers were setting up their stalls for the market. After sipping on a pot of tea and eating some creamy scrambled eggs, baguette and croissants, for dessert we treated ourselves to some just-baked caramel eclairs that flaked from the crust and melted beautifully in the middle. It was so good, a little salty and creamy in the vanilla fudge and airy and light on the outside. We walked along the morning market visited all the little shops from cheese and delicacy shops to little boutiques. My friend bought a pair of sunglasses and I couldn’t walk past the flower shops. If you are looking for some picnic goodies, I would say come here for a good selection of fresh berries, cheeses, meats, baguette, pastries and wine. We walked past a peonie-filled flower shop and typically I couldn’t resist myself from buying a pink bouquet that not only matched quite nicely with my red lips but made my cliché Parisan moment just perfect.