Strolling down Palais-Royal, in Paris

when in Paris…
I close my eyes and smell the large austin roses that burst with a hint of sweet myrrh. These bushes lay right next to the palace that are all facing upwards to take in the warm sun. A pigeon rests on the head of the statue and a few people sit on the side benches enjoying the views of the garden that is an endless row of perfectly manicured trees. We spot a jewish wedding shoot taking place and admire the peaceful haven in the middle of the city. I stroll through the palace in a ruffled shirt and ripped jeans that allow the fishnets to be exposed from the rips and ankles. The quirky style suits the mood of Palais Royal, untraditional in a way, what Paris fashion is all about.
The garden exposes as you walk past the double rows of columns of the palace that has perfectly manicured trees, beautiful landscaping and a fountain. If you walk far enough, there are shops, cafes and cute places to wander in and to sit down for coffee or champagne.  The quintessential Parisian garden is more hidden from tourists as it is not obviously exposed making it quit the gem. Meanwhile, the black and white striped courtyard (cour d’honneur) of the palace is a beautiful place to get lost in before it fills with masses of people all wanting to take the next insta-photo. There are 260 octagonal columns of different heights designed by Daniel Buren also known as ‘les colonnes de Buren‘. This controversial art installation was designed in the 80’s and was a symbolism of the new France that pushed through the old French capital. This little spot should be on your to-do list the next time you come to Paris. 



Velvety Ruffles

Paris, France

Being teased by every designer store on avenue Montaigne, I strolled down the street in ruffles from both top to bottom. These cropped velvety pants are just so comfortable and work well from day to evening and the flared hem is a fun little detail. They are really light and the pinstriped pattern elongates the posture while the length is suitable for both heels and flats.


Sunset seeker & Lunch al fresco

This is our happy place…Where the sunset spreads across the soy bean and hay fields, I overlook into the distant horizon where a few lonely masserias stand fenced behind beautiful erect trees. My bare legs touch the soft grass and feel cool underneath my fingertips as the deep golden sky intensly hits my face. The golden sky is breathtaking, my hubby and I sat here in silence looking at its mijestic fall. Prior to this, we enjoyed a slow lunch in the shaded courtyard and ordered everything from meat straight off the char grill, delicious vitello tonnato, pork cheek and a selection of antipasti with red wine. An evening walk in the fields is a perfect way to end the day, one apple picked from the tree as a bedtime snack ready to be tucked into soft cotton sheets in the silence of the countryside.

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Equestrian Blazer


When it snows so gently… it’s time to pull out the long sleek double-breasted blazer, over-the-knee boots and a fitted high-neck body. I love the equestrian style and simplicity of the look. I am particularly drawn to the length of the blazer combined with the crispy white colour underneath.




Pastels & Ice cream


Trani, Apulia

Trani is a quint fishing port in southern Italy that has amazing seafood and peaceful vibes throughout the summer season. I couldn’t resist taking a photo on this pastel bench as it seamlessly flowed with the tones of my outfit. It also seemed to be a perfect shady place to take a fior di latte break as it melted fairly quickly under the hot sun rays. This paisley silk top became a favourite top of mine last summer, I bought it from St. Tropez on our girls trip in June after a long seafood lunch and a tad too much Miraval rosé! It was a complete spontaneous purchase persuaded by my ladies, but I’m happy I did as I love the cut and hazy hues. The length is also long enough to work as a pool kaftan.





Off Shoulder Dress in Italy


Borghetto sul Mincio,  province of Verona, region Veneto

BorghettosulMincio is such a darling little village that makes for a perfect romantic getaway spot that remains hidden from tourism. It is the home to tortellini’s that is small and magical, where the centre lies on top of the river that overflows with great chic restaurants with amazing cuisine. It was love at first sight when I stepped into this charming village. This blue and white off shoulder dress was a honeymoon favourite, it never failed to disappoint. I’m quite obsessed with anything off the shoulder, I love how it accentuates the bone structures and creates cute ruffles all around.


All white for Date night


Nautical vibes

…and then it went, the sweetest date night my man had organized. Mr. N surprised we with a pampering session for hair and makeup before having dinner at boat club Njk, an island off Helsinki and the same island we are having our wedding on. It felt luxuries and relaxing to sip on bubbly and get my mind off from the wedding. Our evening continued with a view out to the sea and of our wedding venue and a delicious Scandinavian style food. For dessert we shared a cheese platter and took a night stroll around the wedding venue to see what it looked like in that light. I’m wearing an all white look, an elegant pleaded dress and a white embroidered blouse and my hair was twisted into a bohemian style messy bun. The eyes have a bit more smokiness to them than usual, but it’s still quite fresh with the overall look. Ps. Don’t you just love the little narrow boat sailboat behind me?

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Under Blooming Apple Trees

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What a beautiful site, a breathtaking garden full of blooming apple trees that seems like a sky full of tiny soft clouds. One day Mr. N surprised me and took me here for a stroll, it is only about a week in a year that the trees are in such bloom. It was beautiful and worth seeing and the perfect place for a romantic picnic. My look is all about neutral tones, very casual and garden party-esq. I love the little spot of colour from the loafers.

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knit dress. zara/ Panama hat. Santorini boutique/ loufers. Dior

Grey on Grey

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clutch. Louis Vuitton/ jeans. gina t/ Scarf & fedora. Little boutique in Santorini/ Bracelet. Alcozer & J Rome/ espadrilles. pavement

Grey Scale

I love the mediterranean feeling in these pictures that comes from the rustic crackling bench against the white chateau-like manner and the outfit with the fedora makes it all seem very italian or french-esq. Light grey from head to toe is an easy summer colour, it is elegant yet subtle and very adapting to everything. In fact, variations of the monochromatic look have been popping up on instagram & pinterest all throughout Spring. I have a little dangle around my wrist, a gold chain full of roman coins and little symbols that I found from a small jewelery shop in Rome. The petrol clutch adds a degree of colour and the fedora gives the look that mediterranean chicness and slow-lifestyle vibe.

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Cotton Candy

blush (1 of 1) copy
blazer, top, boots. Zara/ gina t/necklace. efva attling & dana levy, rubens/ studs.rubens/ bracelet. efva attling

Blush tones are so calming to the eye portraying minimal contrast and are in line with colourless pale shades. I find them to be so fresh, clean and crisp. Consider it the opposite of the ubiquitous colorblocking trend, all harmonies and subtle, almost like a blank canvas. Blush pink is not just another trend for 2016, it is a trend all on its own and is becoming a timeless classic. It will transform your summer wardrobe for the better adding that soft warmth and positive glow. The blush blazer and boots, oatmeal jeans with the thin embroidered top all merry well together creating a feminine sweet cotton candy dream. Ps. I’m completely obsessed with these loose fit fringe ankle boots and I know they will be in a lot of use this summer!

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