Apple Blossom Sunset

‘The end of Apple blossom season at 10pm´

A heatwave has fallen over Finland and we are experiencing summer at its best time. I managed to catch the last of apple blossom season, just before all the petals danced to the grass. Can you believe that these apple blossom pictures are taken at 10pm and the sun was still in the sky? Summer solstice is just around the corner, which means it barely gets dark all through the night. I love this time of year when apple blossoms collide with blooming lilacs giving us the most beautiful flowers throughout June. There was a bit of rain and thunder this morning and we started our day with a green smoothie and coffee. The smoothie contains, oat milk, banana fresh mint, celery, apple and a handful of kale. Green smoothies are the best during heatwaves as they are packed with nutrients, antioxidants and minerals. Ps. Siena seems to be a little poser who just loves the camera.

Fiery Desert Sunset

‘A saturated sky & untouched Sand & a sunset to remember’

It’s the unstepped sand beneath my feet that feels so magical; the wind has blown endless slithers onto the surface of the dunes creating the most tranquil pattern throughout. It was just endless sand, a few desert bushes here and there and the sky was turning saturated hues of warmness as the sun began to fall down. Quite like no other, I have never experienced such a powerful sunset even though they say the prettiest sunset is in Santorini, which truly was breathtaking. However, I feel this fiery sunset was different; so calming and intense at the same time full of mystery, one of the most magical views ever.

My hubby and I sat in down on a sand dune and starred into nothing, you hear nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs and gleams.

The Dubai desert experience was defiantly one of my favourites of the trip. We drove through the sand dunes with a jeep with our crazy driver, who almost made the car tilt around! It was super fun driving as fast as you could up and down the steep dunes and he eventually took us to a camp site where there was a set up for the nights entertainment. I rode a camel and after dark we watched fire shows, belly dancers and sat on thick red rugs on the sand tasting traditional treats. We came back to the city late at night, with sand in our hair and feet loving the memories this desert gave us!

My Arabian nights outfit was solidified with some darker eyeliner, a long-sleeved dress that loved the desert wind and naturally a glittery headband that was the most practical accessory ever for the setting.

‘Finnish Seaside’

‘Annual June Day trip to Hanko’

Dressed in a flowy cotton dress, my hubby and I took our traditional Hanko trip to celebrate my birthday that happens to be in a few days. We’ve done this for some years in a row now and it’s always so nice to visit this cozy seaside town, especially when the weather has been just perfect! We enjoy a slow archipelago style lunch, take Bella numerous times to swim and walk around the little town. As my hubby was picking coffee for us on our drive to Hanko, I couldn’t resist in picking some wild flowers from the side of the road to spruce up basket. Seaside, barebeet and wicker baskets are close to my heart, I could spend all summer in these settings & watch the sea sparkle!


Hanko3 (1 of 1)

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‘Blooming Apple Trees’

apple tree garden17 (1 of 1)

‘summer picnic under the blooming apple trees’

Over the weekend, my hubby and I had a picnic in an apple garden that was filled with beautiful fragrant white flowers. We sat in the shade, sipped on mint water and nibbled on buttery croissants with a beetroot cabbage dip. I made some asparagus fries and a watermelon salad that were perfect for a hot day. We walked around the park sipping on lattes letting Bella roam free in the grass. We have had two weeks of pure hot weather and the nature is showing it’s very best at the moment. All the trees are in full bloom and it is the best time to take advantage of summery picnics.

Hope this gives a little picnic inspo: Find the recipe for the asparagus fries here and the recipe for the watermelon salad follows: Mix together chopped watermelon, feta, mint leaves. Lastly, mix in some of the homemade pesto.

Easy Pesto

  • 1 tablespoon grated garlic
  • 1 cup basil leaves
  • 2 tablespoons pine nuts
  • 3 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • pinch of Salt/ ground black pepper

Pulse in a blender into green delicious paste. Add salt and pepper to taste


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Caviar, Oysters & Pink walls

A day spent in the fortress of Suomenlinna

A morning that starts with caviar toast with a soft-boiled egg infused with truffle oil is one that works for me. My friend and I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and start the day in the city centre harbour by having breakfast in Finlandia caviar. We sampled on french fin de claire oysters and Siberian sturgeon caviar with a glass of bubbly to celebrate the spontaneous summer friday.

After we took the ferry over to the fortress of Suomenlinna that was built in the second half of the 18th century that is at the entrance of Helsinki’s harbour. With its idyllic atmosphere, old buildings, hobbit like hills, cobbled stone pathways and little cafes/restaurants, the island has a lot to offer for a peaceful day. We stopped at my favourite courtyard restaurant that is in the right side of the harbour as you step off the boat that draws me in with its light pink walls. The building looks very southern france, where the muted pink hues make the perfect backdrop for any possible outfit photo. We again nibbled on more food, this time though a toast skagen and a shared cheese platter and sat in the sunshine talking about this and that.

Our day was consumed of walking around the island admiring the calming atmosphere and beautiful old architecture. We stopped at a few places for coffee and bubbly,  picked a few wildflowers, sat by the sea and watched the old wooden sailboats sail by. We had the perfect day and my floral blue blouse and ruffle maxi was the perfect choice for this day!








Pastel Doors & Macaron Gelato

Paris, France

I would say an evening well spent, is when you stroll past these pastel coloured doors in Le Marais and indulge in flower shaped ice creams in the warm evening sun. This colourful delight is a summer perfection that just happened to match my flower dress and the macaron is like a cherry on top. My friend chose a pistachio macaron with chocolate on chocolate ice cream while I had a raspberry macaron with berry ice cream, vanilla and pistachio all mixed together.

ice cream4 (1 of 1)


Cacti ♥


Southern Italy

The air was still and hot on that Saturday, the pale blue colour reflected from the sun against the chipped white limestone wall and this lonely cactus stood alone in the heat. Without any shade, I leaned against the cool wall for a bit of comfort and pressed my feet against the cool tiles. I was instantly drawn to this sage green cactus, with the sporadic prickly pears growing from some leaves and above everything, the cracked terracotta pot. A perfect photo frame, if you ask me! This off-the-shoulder long ruffle sleeved dress is a go to outfit in the summer from day to evening. I obviously love the off-the-shoulder style, the soft colour and particularly the horizontal cross stitching on the seams, giving the dress a slight native American vibe. As the day was so hot, I paired it with metallic sandals but suede ankle boots are my favourite combination. Southern italy and it’s charming cacti