Happiness in Veneto


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“Happiness is a walk through a field of grapes”… amongst all this wedding planning, I wanted to share this captured happiness from Italy. It is the morning after our engagement we took a stroll in the Valpolicella vineyards after breakfast. This view gives me pure calmness; you could feel fall in the air from the softer heat and yellow rays. There is a certain breeze in the air in the little valley letting us know summer has come to an end. I can still feel this moment under my skin, it is a time Mr. N and I hold in our hearts forever, just the two of us.

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Under the Tuscan Sun

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‘A spot dear to my heart’

Peaked on a lush hillside, I open the shutters of our room and step outside to breathe in the fresh country air. The sun shines into my eyes and I can feel the slight heat from the rays that keeps getting stronger. It dries the morning moist and battered rosemary, vine leaves and flowers that give off the most wonderful scent and I hear the occasional chirp from the crickets that now sound of a  calming melody. The air is different on top of the hill, refreshing and simply brilliant much appreciated after spending time in the city. This was the morning after our engagement so this spot will always remain dear to my heart. We are about to go explore little nearby towns and the feeling was magical as if in a fairytale bubble. The terrace of the masseria overlooks the rolling Tuscan valpolicella vineyards and olive trees with the occasional houses snuggled amongst them. Just perfect

The feeling here is inspired by one of my favourite movies ‘under the Tuscan sun’, one day Mr. N and I yearn to own a beautifully restored lime-washed masseria that drapes with vine leaves and rustic charm. This spot feeds your soul just enough energy to get you through the cold winter days. It is just the endless greenery, purple grapes and blossoming greens that make it all better.

My outfit propels a country chic vibe to it, the Santorini panama hat and ankle boots add that preppy equestrian flair to the look while still remaining boho enough to keep it casual. The long-sleeved lace blouse is perfect for chillier mornings, while underneath revels a simple maxi that is easy for lunching in the sun. The all white colour is also very fitting for the newly engaged theme, while naturally being a fresh and crisp colour for Tuscany.

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