Saturday Sweet Treat

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Sweet Saturday

A little sweetness never hurt anyone. We rarely ate sweet treats, but today we enjoyed some sugary goodness! Cinnamon rolls, a cold glass of milk, coconut chia yogurt with dates, nuts and mysli and many cups of earl grey is what our saturday day was made out off. I’ve decided to have a free day tomorrow that I am so excited about (don’t need to wake up that early) so a little sweet deliciousness was in order! I’m going to relax, meet a friend and enjoy a slow pace day and re-charge my batteries.

A good earl gray with a bit of milk is perfect during the day time & even more perfect with these toffee like cinnamon rolls. I couldn’t resist them when I smelled the cinnamon coming out of the oven at our local store today! I always save the middle for last as that is the best part. Deliciously soft with lots of moist cinnamon that melts in your mouth… and as if the rolls weren’t enough, I made a sweet crunchy glass to accompany them. Each glass has a layer of coconut yogurt on the bottom, another layer of mysli, chia seeds & some toasted nuts (pecan, walnuts and cashew) with a pinch of salt, chopped dates, mint and shaved coconut flakes. This idea is great for a brunch setting, a healthier substitute for dessert.

Mr. N and I played our first round of golf yesterday, it felt so nice to walk in the sunshine and green grass one step closer to summer. Even though it was quite cold I wore sun block on my face, but despite this my cheeks were bright red the entire evening when we were home! The spring sun is really strong even if you don’t necessarily feel it! Anyways darlings, I’m off to relax now for a while before heading out! Have a wonderful sweet saturday, treat yourselves to something delicious because you are worth it!

Hugs & kisses

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