White Canvas with a splash of blue

The turquoise water is spread like a navy blanket that is clear as day light with tiny spiky balls of sea urchins laying in the shallow waters. The island stands out from the saturated blue waves, where the white canvas of the buildings is interrupted by the occasional splash of blue detail. The sidewalk has clumps of pots that sit unmoved, spilling bougainvillea with deep magenta petals and the houses sit in jaunty angles that surround with cute cobble pathways. It’s easy to get lost in the mesmerizing surroundings, as this is exactly what you imagine Greece to be like. All you want to do is explore one corner after the other in a matching silky kaftan and espadrilles to suit the relaxed lifestyle. From cats that match the walls they lean on, to plates of traditional cuisine, Mykonos has its charm that takes you under its Mediterranean spell as you step through the creaking doors into the magical world.


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Seeking for shade in Mykonos

Mykonos, Greece

Found the perfect little resting spot under the blooming bougainvillea tree in Mykonos that represents Greece to the fullest. I love the little dots of reflections shining through the tree creating the most interesting light formations. This tiny nook is what Mykonos is all about; the turquoise door, white washed walls and a splash of colour from the overflowing pink bougainvillea. The cool wall blends with my sheer kaftan and the pop of emerald green on my shades is as intense as the leaves behind me.

Santorini Style

Oia, Santorini

Yes, just like I remembered from last year, Santorini still remains beautiful with its 360 sea views and idyllic white washed houses and the cute donkeys that stand on the stairs waiting to give someone a ride. This time around it was much easier to navigate the maze-like streets, eat at the right places and find the little hidden streets with less tourists. Chunky blocks of olive oil feta, grilled fish fresh from the chargrill, pastel walls and overflowing  Bougainvillea, Oia and its little turquoise details remain just as breathtaking as before.










Whitewashed Mykonos ♥

Mykonos, Greece

A reputation of being a party-hard glamour island that fills with fashionistas and A-listers during the summer, this little town has a mindset of being a mix of Ibiza and Southern France. However, we visited in late September that is much more pleasant personally, as it was still extremely hot but clearly it being close to end of season the beaches and clubs were less crowded and local life was much more evident. The island is at constant growth due to its much-like Santorini boom that shows in the construction of new boutique hotels, restaurants and bars. The island is a whitewashed maze, where you can easily get lost between the little streets that were originally built as pirate distractions. The the most stunning blue doors at every hidden corner and each white step to another path, the visual appeal is just right, especially during early mornings. Apparently, there is a famous pelican in Mykonos as well that wonders the empty streets, yet we did not meet the little fellow!

Obviously I was instantly inspired by all of my surroundings, the copious amounts of white Greek architecture with piercing blue add-ons surrounded with a turquoise ocean that was as picturesque as picturesque comes.  I’m infatuated with the soft angles and symmetrical structure found all over the island. Our day started with a bowl of local thick greek yogurt with walnuts and honey by the sea overlooking the clear water. It doesn’t really get much better than that and ps the honey in Greece tastes marvelous.

Winding our way through the maze of Mykonos’ painted streets is dreamy and magical, popping in the occasional designer store like Chanel, linen stores or a Dom Perignon lounge.  Bougainvillea still bursts from trees clashing beautifully against the reflecting walls and cats wander around the cobbled paths that creates an instant charm. Despite its party-life reputation and tourist trap, life still goes on for the locals and it was a pleasure to capture them in action in the morning buying fish by the sea, enjoying a coffee or heading to one of their many cute church’s. We stopped for lunch at one the most captured pinterest spots right on the edge of the sea and enjoyed fresh fish of the day and the most amazing spring-roll type starter with tsatsiki and honey. Mykonos







Mykonos Stairs & Green Shades

sunglasses. kopajos/ dress. zara/ espadrilles.macarena/bag. chanel/bracelets. hermes, efva atling/necklace. small boutique in Nice

These white washed stairs in Mykonos are pretty amazing… I found super fun local sunglasses that reflect a mirrored green with really light golden rims that bounce off these bright Greek surroundings.







Lingering Blues

thirasia blue

Thirassia fishing village, Santorini

As if taken from a palette of mixed blue oil paints, I walk around in the almost unbearable heat getting a taste of the past, of what Santorini used to be like before tourists discovered the island.  Small white houses tier the cliff that contain splashes of cobalt blue, rich okra and shabby turquoise while the sea front is covered with little taverns and fishing boats. Thirassia has the basic structure like Oia, but a much less glamorous version, but by any means no less worse. Spending a day here is rather refreshing after walking around with too many tourists on the main streets of Oia even though there is a degree of sadness as I look around. It is authentic, minimalistic and rather rural, so quite almost deserted. I can feel the realness, the way of life that must be a struggle at times but yet happiness is brought by simple ordinary joys. I peak through a house gate to discover men playing cards circled around a plastic table in the shade. I also see women laughing together at the corner of a store gently leaning against a limestone wall.  I was fascinated by the elderly that pierced me with their stare making me feel a little out-of-place as I passed each one. Thankfully I was dressed appropriately with covered shoulders and nothing revealing, I greeted each one looking them directly in the eye with a bit of kneel, which in return brought a little smile to their faces. They seemed shy and each wrinkle on their face showed years of hard work. Respect and appreciation is what this town is all about, much like else where, where tourists are less likely to be. The smooth winding paths interconnect with cute gates at every corner and numerous cats resting in cool shades. One gorgeous door after another, there is much beauty in the simplicity of life here, all the imperfections and run down architecture gives it that character and undeniable charm. The combination of the white and blue is just breathtaking, where the sunlight illuminates strong artistic shadows in all the right places.

White on White

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wearing: dress H&M, Sunglasses Rayban, Bag Chanel, Body chain from a market in Oia

Oia, Santorini

As I slip into this lace dress, I can’t help but twirl on top of cliff to feel that slight needed breeze and stop in awe to capture the views. It is the endless whites with a twinkle of turquoise here and there that gives me goosebumps as my eye wanders every part of the hill. Perched right on top of the cliff, this corner of the earth provides a comforting cocoon when taking in the beauty of the landscape surrounded with an endless royal blue horizon. Avoiding the main streets that are packed with tourists, the side alleyways give you that calmness, while gazing at the perfect sun set every evening is truly magical. This little outfit was at a moment of lunching, we were in search for the best calamari!

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Seeking for Shade in Pale Blush

santorini stairs (1 of 1)

Oia, Santorini

At this moment we were catching our breath from all the flights of stairs finding a little bit of shade during the middle of a hot day. This silk dress has been a real find and I have worn it during casual days like this or to fancier events such as weddings. It is pure silk and I love the sheer grey embroidery details. Despite the dress having an underlining, it still remains lovely and light for situations like these… A messy bun, white nails, marenas sandals (a must item for holidays as they are so comfortable) and a long chain chanel and I’m good to go!

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Faded pastels of Santorini


Oia, Santorini

Let me take you back in time… That intense heat from the sun depicts an automatic lens flare that bubbles across my camera as I focus into it. The air is still, not a breeze in site and that little glimpse of shade is a refreshing must. All I want to wear is airy lace dresses with a goddess-like flow to them. It was the resting white horses against the limestone walls and the local dogs that follow us on our early morning walks. The turquoise sea is lined with a row of sea urchins right beneath our toes and a lobster never tasted as good in a view like this.  The pastel tones are a calm facade, faded and washed out from the sun but built with imperfections and an enormous amount of character.