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sunday in bed

“If you want people to believe in you and in what you have to offer, you have to believe in YOU.”

– Christina Greve

As I lay in bed this morning reading my book, I get to thinking about life, and where the basis of feeling good routes from. At the moment, it is the smell of fresh coffee that Mr. N is drinking next to me and the feeling of waking up in crispy clean bed sheets. It is the slight breeze blowing from the window and the brightness of the morning light that reflects of our bedroom cupboards. An oasis of soft blue tones & the smell of fresh loaf that I carried home from our local bakery at 8 am.

Over the years, I’ve learned to shift focus more on myself and take notice of life around me. Rather than worrying about others, it’s more about focusing on feeling good about yourself. I believe I’ve always felt this way, but I just only realized it more in my late twenties, once I took the time to understand what makes me happy. By doing this, self-doubt and all that unnecessary procrastination fades. This in term effects you and your relationships and builds a positive foundation, well for anyway really… It builds confidence and that is a strong basis in self-belief.

I’ve always had quite a positive mindset, however my biggest issue has been worrying about the future. What I should be doing, reaching for my dreams and fulfilling goals. Sometimes I ask myself, what I want out of life? and this by far, it the hardest question of them all. Yes, I’m ever so grateful of what I have already, but being ambitious can also be your biggest downfall.  However, I’ve learned to live more in the moment and let life take its toll. As my mom once told me- before I know it another 10 years has gone by and you don’t want to waste it… believing in yourself and learning your route to happiness, is the biggest gift you can give yourself.  Just a little sunday positive thoughts

I’ve just had a fresh shower, I love the feeling of a moistened face and make-up free days, which seems to be most days during the summer. A couple of spritz of eau de citrus and lounging in my favourite oversized blue blouse that is soft and sunday-made. I have a large cup of tea on my bedside table with a good spoonful of honey in it and now I’m going to read a couple more chapters from my book before starting on breakfast. Sweet sunday everyone! Ps. Mr. N & I are leaving to my brother’s and sister-in-laws summer-house tomorrow, can’t wait!

Favourites at the moment

  • Eua De Citrus by Molinard
  • Makeup free skin
  • Oversized white knits
  • Dermalogica multi active toner spray
  • Organic beets from the market
  • Colourful espadrilles
  • Italian linen
  • Blue flowers
  • Long walks before a storm
  • My diamond hamsa-hand necklace from Nice
  • Capturing the morning light
  • The smell of Rosemary

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