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Elegant Italian Simplicity

Just on top of the hill exists a small town located in the heart of Umbria just across the Spoleto valley. Montefalco is all about wine and olive oil, that slow lifestyle where its ancient stone buildings, amazing restaurants, cobbled streets, preserved medieval architecture are sights to treasure. As you pass in through the large gate, the streets of Montefalco rise up a 50 meter walk that opens up to the centre of town called Piazza del Comune or della Repubblica that translates to crowns the hill. As you walk up the street, you pass about ten little food and wine stores and little wine bars that serve local delicacies. The pigeons rest at the water fountain while the pale yellow colour of the walls illuminate a warm golden colour as the sun moves across the maze like streets. There is beauty during all times of the day.

This hill town provides some of the best scenic views of the lush Umbrian landscape that overlooks vineyards, olive groves, stunning orchards and the beauty of the Italian nature. We stayed 2 nights here, it is a good amount as the place is so small. During the day we explored nearby towns, such as Spello, Assisi etc and in the evening we enjoyed Montefalco’s cuisine and cute wine bars. We loved it here, less touristy and a feeling of quiet serenity. Locals are stylish, food and wine enthusiasts and if I would describe this town, I would call it romantic and elegant where the friendly locals are proud of their heritage.

Needless to say, we loved the restaurants and local wines. The region is known for its delectable Sagrantino, Passito and Secco wine. Sagrantino was my favourite that is planted in the region creating bold, earthy dry that suits perfectly with strong cheeses like pecorino, black truffle and meat-based dishes. I would defiantly suggest 2 restaurants here, a meat lovers place called Coccorone and another spectacular restaurant called Locanda del Teatro. At Coccorone, make sure to order the carpaccio and the Fiorentina steak that is cooked in an open fire for you to see. At Teatro, make sure to sit outside in the backyard listening the church bells and try the homemade rustic pistachio pate and the house special meatloaf. Both restaurants were spectacular and a must in Montefalco… we are for sure going back next year!

Restraunt tip

Locanda del Teatro (Piazza del Comune, 19) It is located right in the centre square in the hotel Palazzo Bontadosi

Ristorante Coccorone (L.go Tempestivi, 11)




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