Pink Pleads in the Streets of Naples

Naples, Italy

We arrived to Naples early morning when the streets were still quiet and calm. Locals lined up for espresso and fresh baguette while groups of elderly men gathered to read the newspaper in tiny shops. Boutiques were opening on Via Toledo one by one and my hubby and I were strolling past a coffee shop when we instantly smelled the fresh lingering espresso that lead us straight to the counter amongst the others… “Buongiorno, un caffè per favore”

We sat outside watching the city awake, come to life, enjoying the gorgeously strong espresso catching a glimpse of local morning routines. I must admit, Naples is quite beautiful at this time, I could see the ubiquitous laundry hanging in the sun as I gaze up through my Dior lenses and the maze of narrow streets that lead up of a gazillion stairs and several beautiful shabby courtyards. As my pleaded dress drapes over the edge of the chair, I pull my hair into a messy bun as I feel the sun getting stronger as I taste the aftermath of the espresso in the back of my mouth. wow.. that was a good shot! Did you know Naples is known for their great coffee?

We visited Naples just for a day and prior to this I didn’t have much expectations of the bustling city. Rumour has it there is a fair amount of pick pockets (but then again, every large city has them in this day and age) and it is often described as smelly/dirty. In all honesty I did not notice the dirt even though we roamed around on a hot day, but I hear this problem is getting under control. I know it is the birthplace of pizza, caters to a deep culinary knowledge and there is a significance richness to the  history and old culture. I would say one day is enough for exploring the hassle of the city and then hop on to a fairy and head towards Capri or Positano away from the central hub. Lonely planet calls Naples “Italy’s most unlikely masterpiece” and I’m sure there is a lot of misunderstood beauty looking past the stereotypes. The city is filled with stimulating architecture, impressive churches in every square and Museo Archeologico Nazionale has the most beautiful mosaics rescued from the ruins of Pompeii. The city comes across as rugged and unpretentious that gives it a rough exterior shadowed with warmth and charm.

We walked about 15 km discovering the little streets, found a lively food market (they are our favourites!), shopped around Via Toledo that seemed to be Naples busiest streets and stopped in little sweet stores to try handmade gelato. Of course, I couldn’t help but find the cutest blush wall and begged my hubby (once again) to take a picture of my matching strawberry mascarpone ice cream with white chocolate and hassle nuts with this darling backdrop. He is not surprised at this point anymore for my thrill of pastel coloured walls and sometimes he even spots them for me! Gotta love him…

After indulging in a must-try margarita pizza, we walked along the bay in the search for some great fish restaurants and luckily we found the cutest little spot ( pass a bridge over the water into a small port away from mainland) that was lining with locals right after we had got a great table just at seafront. I watched fishermen pull sea urchins from the water feeling disappointed when the menu lacked of such. However, the days special was elegantly simple of grilled scampi and oven baked sardines in a delicious herb broth. Our day in Naples ended with a pleasant taste in the mouth and all in all, the city gave us a great overall experience.

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  1. Your photos were lovely, I really liked the artistic simplicity of them. I also read your description of Naples with interest. We were there with a tour but unfortunately only used it as a base for going to Capri and Pompeii.

    • Thank you Evangelina ❤ thank you for your kind words! Well I think Capri and Pompeii offered more actually than Naples! Although as mentioned, great for a day!

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