Friday Blooms & Silk Kimonos

Hey Friday!

I’ve just picked up the cutest friday blooms from my favourite flower shop and put my provence style wicker basket to good use for the first time. Don’t you just adore the blush leather details? I can totally see myself strolling to the farmers market in the summer time filling the basket with all kinds of fresh goodies. Ok, back to the flowers… I wanted something else than just plain roses this time, a bouquet with flair. I wanted it to be bit more dramatic in colour yet liner to natural tones and have that delicate airy spring feeling. I love the overall depth to it and I know it will look great for tomorrows dinner party. I’ve just made myself a little snack healthy, a matcha latte and waiting for my hubby to come home so we can start the weekend. Ps. I recently added this new kimono to my wardrobe, I think it will look fabulous in Paris paired with ripped boyfriend jeans and a simple spaghetti silk top and fun loafers. Now if only I had the funky furry Gucci ones, that I’m sure you all have seen all over social media! Anyways darlings, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the moment. The real fun comes from experiencing life here and now. Slow down, focus on the details and embrace happiness!

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