Punkaharju, Finland

As the sun slowly rises higher at 7.30am, the flowers and grass begin to dry from the misty air and the sun rays delicately push through the trees. The whiteness of the birches hits me every time I pass them on our walk to the flower meadow. We pass a white field of cotton-cloud looking flowers that brighten up the lush green forest.  It is so clean and fresh here that shows in the surroundings and breathing in the air is purely gold. I’m letting my hair and skin cleanse in the lake water, walk barefeet in the soft grass and let my mind sink in all the nordic goodness that our countryside has to offer. The occasional butterfly and bumblebee buzz past me and the air is silent and still, just the way I prefer it in the mornings. Today is going to be a warm day, I’m dressed in a cotton dress and we are going to take full of advantage of the sun. We picked some wild strawberries and flowers on our way back and started the day by making a favourite breakfast treat.

Strawberry toast is a countryside delicacy that I love making in the summer time when wild strawberries are blooming at their best. To make this delicious treat, you have to toast some country-style loaf, smear it with ricotta, drizzle a bit of honey and top it with lots of wild strawberries, thyme and add a pinch of salt.


A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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