Sea Urchin Heaven

Il Principe del Mare Ristoro, Torre Canne

If you are a seafood lover, this little place is a must see! I originally found this restraunt tip via Masseria Moroseta whom described this place as a hidden gem right by the seashore that is home to sea urchins. Right on the Adriatic Sea, the place looks like a shack, it is super tiny and basic with 360 views of the sea, plastic chairs and tables that are totally outdated but the place was fully packed buzzing with locals. We were lucky to get the last table and ordered a bunch of great stuff from the menu. Everyone was feasting on sea urchins, prosecco was served from plastic cups and the feeling here was fantastic! Naturally we also started with a mountain of fresh sea urchins that were purely mouth-watering, best I’ve had thus far! We also ordered a lobster linguine, white wine mussels, anchovies in lemon oil, grilled octopus and scampi, tuna tartar and buttery oysters. Everything was excellent in flavour, fresh and simple with a splash of lemon to give it that acidic perfection. Yes, it can be a little chaotic, but that is all part of its charm serving the most perfect, simple seafood. After our feast we drove off to a nearby secluded beach and took a relaxing swim in the arms of the Italian shore. Pure perfection!

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