White Countryside

“-12 degrees celsius outside calls for cozy days inside”

A few days after new years my hubby and I went over to my brother and sister-in-laws countryside for a few days of relaxation. New years was such an epic night and it was all about a cozy dinner party and going out with friends so it was great to get into the countryside mode that always is such a calming experience. Bella was so afraid of the fireworks this year so it was also good for her to get away from the city for a while. At the countryside we made homemade pizza, went on walks, took a sauna, sled down the hill with little B, slept well, sat by the fireplace and enjoyed the story weather outside. It was storming outside in the night time, but it was really cozy to sleep in a wooden cottage when you hear all the noises from the wind outside. I spent the days in a soft woollen tiwnset with either coffee or tea wrapped around my fingers breathing in the crispy cold air. Our mini vacay was wonderfully therapeutic as it always is in the heart of nature with great people.

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