End of Summer Crayfish

‘As summer comes to end, we close the season with one last intimate crayfish party´

Last weekend we solidified the end of summer with one last final crayfish party. It was a little bit more special for my husband and I, as we spontaneously decided to have it on our new lot, where we are going build our forever-home. The properly is basically an overgrown forest with an old sauna house that overlooks the sea. Next year we will demolish the sauna down so we can build something new, but wanted to cherish the moment and have an intimate crayfish gathering in the little sauna house. My husband and I quickly painted the floors white, built a table and bought old wooden chairs that we also painted white. We transported lanterns, candles and dishes/cutlery from home and hung up bistro lights for the ambiance. I made flower crowns for the women and hubby and I cooked up a storm and voila, a cozy setting was created. We were nine all together and it was really the perfect amount of friends to create a memorable evening. I was able to catch a few rays of the beautiful golden sun, before anticipating a major rain storm that was brewing all morning. The rain came, but thinking back, it just made the setting that much more intimate. We skålled (cheers) to dill flavoured akvavit, sang snaps songs, ate crayfish and mingled the night away. The music got louder as the evening progressed, played a bit of trivial and ended up dancing on the chairs and swinging our dressing to the sound of songs from the 50’s. This party will go down with the books and our guests made all the moments that much more amazing. We can’t wait to build our house and have plenty of more evenings like these together with friends. Unfortunately the natural light in the sauna house was not the best, so I was able to capture some snaps before it got too dark.

Thank you to all our guests for an unforgettable evening

It was our wedding anniversary weekend, so the night before my husband set up a spa day for me and took me dinner to one of the new restaurants in town. We had an amazing time but needed to get up early the following day to start preparing flower crowns for the ladies of the party. I started the day with a vitamin packed smoothie (to cleanse from last nights cocktails) made from lingonberry and blueberry while using their branches to create wreaths. It was the first autumnal wreath so it definitely felt like summer is at its end.


Heavy rain drops creating a cozy atmosphere inside


fig pavlova with a blueberry curd picked from our yard


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