A bike ride to remember.

Henry Lloyd dress, Chanel Bag and bright pink lipstick

Countryside biking.

During our stay in Relais Histó, we rented their bicycles and rode along the seaside and olive groves. We saw cows, sheep and the cutest stray dog that I fell in love with. The dog had adopted the hotel gardens as it’s home and it was nice to see that the staff didn’t kick him out. I snuck a little bacon for him from the breakfast table..ops, my bad! He was so friendly and wagged his tail immediately when we approached him.. made me miss my dog instantly!


All that was missing was a cute basket with a fresh baguette, cheeses and wine. We substituted for lemonade instead that we drank on a hay-field overlooking the sea. I loved these ute pastel vintage style bikes although they were heavy to ride, especially on an uphill!

IMG_5027 IMG_5035


IMG_4955 IMG_4976




IMG_4610 IMG_4777

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