seaside chicken-fence picnic basket

Seaside Picnic… sailboats, waves, seagulls, sun, love and delicious tiny bites… that’s what our Friday was made out of.

It was incredibly warm yesterday where still at 10 pm the sun was up high in the sky. The rays warmed my cheeks and the flickering sea made my eyes squint.  I surprised Mr. N with a seaside picnic where we sat high on some rocks enjoying the sunset watching the busy boat traffic of the idyllic FInnish summer sea.

I wore comfortable joga pants from Victorias Secret, a stripe hoodie from Henry Lloyd and nautical loafers from Timberland. Our picnic feast included rustic sandwiches, cantaloupe melon, Italian cold cut rolls stuffed with ricotta and spinach, Finnish strawberries, olives, strawberry tartlets and maison jar cocktails.


bracelet- LV, Necklace- Efva Attling, Nautical rings


Picnic Preparations

Rustic country-style sandwiches with Italian spicy cold cuts, bree, tomatoes, ricotta, spring onions, herbs and olive oil. The Italian sausage had chili in it and this gave a great bite to the otherwise creamy flavours.  I also made fresh lime based vodka drinks in cute maison jars: A splash of vodka, lime juice, lime/lemon soda.


IMG_5869 IMG_5871




IMG_5901 IMG_5915IMG_5759

IMG_5881 IMG_5893


I love the white stitching on the shoes and the nautical rope


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