Embroidered White Dress

Dress/Zara, Ballerinas/Pretty Ballerinas, Purse, Necklace/ Chanel, Bracelets/Hermes, Sunglasses/Rayban

Monopoli Italy

Simple & summery. The bright sun reflects of the rustic white stones beaming gently on my skin. It is a hot day, so this lightweight summer dress is the perfect choice for a day time stroll in this beautiful old Italian city. The embroidered delicate dress is complemented by the crocheted panels and the sheer back. The front is detailed with abstract flower type patterns and a soft fringe traces the edges of the hem. The tone is bright and crisp with a cool undertone making it refreshing against my skin tone. I love the feminine and romantic style and the simple straight cut giving it that refined finish. I’ve paired the dress with pleaded ballerinas and a long chained Chanel. My hair is in a clean ponytail, I’ve wearing a light lipgloss and classic aviators. My everyday nr.5 necklace hangs gently on my neck and I’m wearing a couple of H bracelets. Time for some lunch now, some grilled orata with a sqeeze of lemon! delish!





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    • Hei! Oi ihanaa kun löysit tänne ja tervetuloa! <3 Kiitos paljon, joo me oltiin poikaystävän kanssa Etelä Italiassa, niin ihana alue!

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