Midsummer Wreath

The meaning of midsummer

Nights are white throughout the country & the beginning of summer is officially here! Midsummer is a celebration at the countryside, everybody leaves the city and the streets are suddenly spookily deserted. An idyllic midsummer builds from a picturesque setting with lots of handpicked flowers, an entire day spent outdoors around good food, drinks, grilled fish, new potatoes, dill, seafood, herring and a fresh desert with lots of berries. It is spent with your loved, family & friends enjoying the sun that never seems to set. You often go to a birch decorated sauna and swim in the lake and intake the beauty of the nature around you. It is peaceful & vibrant, full of life! Your wardrobe choice is a beautiful flowy maxi dress with a delicate flower wreath placed over curled hair. The sun only sets around 23.00 and the day is set around chic country living. During this celebration, your studded valentinos are switched to colourful espadrilles and fitted blazers into easy-going linen dresses.

How to make a bohemian style flower wreath?

Collect all your favourite delicate flowers, such as baby’s breath, blueberry branches (as the hold well) and some lovely greens. Then you need some thin wire that you bend into a headband. You also need some thinner wire to attach the flowers. Basically you take an assortment of flowers that you wire from the stalks and attach it to the headband. You repeat this process so it forms a delicate wreath. Head wreaths are a must in Scandinavian midsummer. I think they are so beautiful and feminine, all I want to do is run through an open hay meadow with a white dress on! Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful and safe midsummer spent with your loved ones. I’m just having a green smoothing and closing my suitcase, as I’m heading to the airport in a couple of hours.

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This picture says it all how beautiful a Scandinavian summer can be. This picture is from last weekend from the summer place, the sky was a strong magical purple that mirrored of the calm lake. A beautiful way to end an evening with a view like this.

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